These lighthearted animal stories are some of my favorites! So I just had to share them with you.

I bet you cherish lighthearted stories about your animals, too! Even after they’ve passed, those stories bring a smile to our faces.

Did her cat just say they’re married?

lighthearted animal storiesMy friend, Debbie contacted me because she sensed that her cat, Chazworth, wasn’t feeling well. During our animal communication session “Chaz” confirmed that Debbie was right – he was feeling poorly. And he was OK with transitioning when the time was right.

Chaz shares a secret – they’re married!

I didn’t expect what came next. In something like a whisper, Chaz asked, “Do you know Debbie and I are married?” Well, I laughed in disbelief that I’d actually heard this. I know Debbie – there was no hanky-panky going on!!

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Remember what Miss Maribeth told you

Remember what Maribeth told you

“Remember what Miss Maribeth told you!” is one of my favorite lighthearted stories about what clients can do after an animal communication session with me. I am so grateful for the feedback from “Alma” and her then-puppy, “Sally” about her work with  after our session.

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The downside of doing animal communication

Rodeo Cat

The cat cowboy riding a horse grazes cows.

I discovered an unexpected downside to doing intuitive animal communication sessions! My cat, Shadow was listening in!

So, it started when I was working with two cats – the younger one, let’s call her Naomi, was two years old. She kept attacking the older cat, who I’ll call Orvis.

Tail twitching, back legs primed to jump in an all-out sneak attack, her eyes and ears focused like radar on Orvis. Then Naomi pounced! She landed on his back and held on like a rodeo rider, scaring the dickens out of Orvis! He scampered around, trying to shake her off.

Learn what I had to tell my cat, Shadow!

Another way to communicate with my client animals

And an “ah hah!” for me was to turn this around and use it with my client animals. Now, if I’m asking animals to try a different behavior, I show them what my animals do.

For instance, I recently “showed” two cats that were reluctant to sleep with their people how my three cats each find a resting space. Remember, I’m using telepathy. I’ve used the same idea with dogs. I’ve shared via intuitive visuals how my dogs greet people that come into the house in a way that makes the people feel welcome rather than scared. It’s effective!

And in case you missed it: Happy Animal Videos

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Do you have a lighthearted animal story? Please share it with us!