Where People and Pets Heal and Connect

Virtual Sessions

Have a conversation between you and your pet with Maribeth as the go between, the interpreter.

Virtual sessions are conducted via phone or online, so location is not an issue.
All we need is a picture of your animal(s). Here’s what we offer:

Maribeth Connect

Human Energy Healing


We offer Full (50-minute) & Short (25-minute) virtual sessions.

You might wonder which session is best for you and your animals.

A Full Session is great for one animal with more than one issue or a chronic issue that is very worrisome, behaviorally or physically – especially if YOU have strong emotions about what’s going on.  We can check in with more than one animal in the full session, but not everyone may get equal time. It’s like triage – we’ll spend as much time as necessary on the animal you’re most concerned about first and move to the others after that.

For an animal with chronic/multiple issues; or when you have more than one animal with chronic/multiple issues, the SOS package works well.

A Short Session is great for one animal to help with a problematic behavior or to explain a situation that’s going to occur in the family – someone leaving or joining, for instance. It’s also great as a follow up session. As you might expect, the Short Session cannot cover as much as the full session. But it always includes connecting and communicating with your animal. It may not always include energy healing.

A Quickie Follow Up is perfect for animals I’ve already worked with and you’ve got just one question which can be answered in less than 15 minutes.  If I haven’t connected with your animal before, please don’t book this session.

Booking a session outside normal working hours: Maribeth may be able to open her schedule for urgent situations occurring outside normal hours. But there will be an additional $50 charge for the session. Email maribeth@sacredgrove.com or text 703-259-9012 for availability.

 What can we do together?

  • Find out what they’re thinking or feeling about an issue
  • Request changing a worrisome or bothersome behavior
  • Explain a change in the family to decrease their anxiety
  • Provide energy healing for their physical or emotional issues
  • Clarify their readiness to transition
  • Communicate with an animal who has passed


Full session    $200
Short session  $120



I was going to call this “Stop that Sh**”, but figured I’d stick with SOS! Sometimes one session is just not enough, especially when you’re dealing with chronic issues, more than one issue and/or more than one animal.

In SOS, we can do more extensive communicating, energy healing and check-ins with your animal(s).

The SOS package consists of three 50-minute virtual sessions ideally spread over 1-2 months.

Already had a session with Maribeth?
If you had a session and you want to continue working with Maribeth, you can apply the individual session’s cost to the SOS package. If you’re interested in getting a package after doing one session, email Maribeth for more information.

Peaceful Endings & Transitions (PET)

Facing the loss of a beloved pet is traumatic. Peaceful Endings & Transitions  (PET) focuses on end-of-life transitions so that you can say goodbye to your animals and help them through the transition process. You will experience more peace and connection with your animal through PET.

The package includes one full session to say goodbye to your animal, energy healing during their transition AND a short session afterwards to check in with them.

All sessions are conducted virtually.

Postcards From Your Pet ℠

Want Maribeth to check on your pets without having to book an individual session*?
Postcards from Your Pet ℠ is perfect for:

  • Vacation or when you go away
  • Loss of family, friends, or other pets
  • Family transitions like college, divorce, or moving
  • Remote energy healing

What Maribeth can do

When you go away:

  • This is a short almost-daily intuitive check-in between Maribeth and  your animal companions with periodic email reports from Maribeth to you
  • Let your pets know when you’re coming back and who’s watching them
  • Remind them to relax, eat, and have some fun ‘cuz it will make you so happy
  • Send them love so they know you haven’t forgotten them

Family losses and transitions

  • This is a virtual session between Maribeth and your animal companions without you and includes an email report from Maribeth after the session
  • Discover how your pets feel about the loss or change
  • Provide energy healing to help them release tough emotions so they can enjoy themselves

Emotional or physical issues

  • This is a virtual session between Maribeth and your animal companions without you and includes an email report from Maribeth after the session
  • Find out how they’re feeling, let them know you’re checking on them and do energetic healing

Choose either 1 week (up to 8 days) or 2 weeks (9-14 days) of connection and communication.

Read how people use Postcards from Your Pet when they’re on vacation.


This 4-week program is an effective way to help your animals’ chronic or recurring issues improve or even resolve!

At the beginning of each week of your four weeks,
– Ask you what we should focus on via email (please be laser focused)
– Send you a recording highlighting what she worked on

She will focus on your animals but can also include the whole family, human and non-human.

*NOTE: Book a Postcards from Your Pet ℠ session or “Your 4-Week Check-In” if you and your pets have worked with Maribeth before. Otherwise, for first timers, please book a short remote session so you and your pets can get acquainted with Maribeth beforehand.

Maribeth cannot do deep Medical Intuition Scans in these packages. But she can do healing for physical issues we already know about.


Sometimes humans need energy healing along with their animals! Our energy (think emotions) can interfere with our animals’ ability to change behaviors, let go of their emotions. We might even stand in the way of helping our animals transition easily. Maribeth can help…

Yes, I want to connect and commmunicate with them!

You can do that – with Maribeth’s help!