Where People and Pets Heal and Connect

Ever wonder what is going on with your animal family member? Intuitive animal communication can help.

You love your animal as much as (and sometimes more than) the humans in your lives – even when they drive you nuts! Wouldn’t it be great to figure out what the heck they are thinking?
And why they are acting that way? You might think of your animals as soul mates, fussy aunts, goofy guys, guardians, confidants or tough cases, but they always have a secure spot in your heart. You want to spend more time enjoying them and less time worrying, feeling anxious or frustrated about them.


What can we do during a session?

Give your pet a heads up

Ask for behavioral/
emotional changes

Discover what’s behind the behavior or emotion
Help them let go of trauma or patterns
Share how a different behavior would delight you

Ease the
transition process

Discover if they’re ready to transition
Share what’s in both your hearts
Learn how to help them transition

Discover how
the body’s feeling

Is there discomfort? Where? How intense?
Are medications effective?
Bring comfort & release through energy healing

Yes, I want to connect & communicate with them!

 You can do that – with Maribeth’s help!

Three ways of working with Maribeth

Inperson sessions


You and your animals can now schedule a face-to-face appointment with Maribeth at the Veterinary Holistic Center in Springfield, Virginia.

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Remote Session


Virtual sessions are conducted via phone
or online, so location is not an issue.
All Maribeth needs is a picture of your animal(s).

My animal companion can relax when we connect!


Maribeth offer online group programs for pet guardians who want to connect more deeply and personally with their animals.

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5 Things Your Pets Want You to Know
Tina Zion and Maribeth Decker

Peace in Passing:

Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions

In Peace in Passing, Maribeth Decker debunks the myths about animals’ passing which leave us crippled with grief, unable to find peace. She offers instead a roadmap to support you as you negotiate the treacherous path we walk before, during, and after our animals’ transition. This book will help you find peace amidst the enormous loss of your beloved animal companion.

This second edition is expanded to include information on ways to ease their physical decline; energetic techniques to connect you with your animal; and how to view the timing of their death through a spiritual lens.

Second Edition is now available!


Special video: The Path to Peace:

Enjoy access to a special video I’ve created for animal lovers:
The Path to Peace:
Navigating the Last Leg of Your Beloved Animal’s Life

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