Do you talk to your animals? What if you could connect even more deeply with them?

  • How would you feel knowing why your animal was acting out—and what to do about it
  • What if you could create an even deeper relationship with your animal than you already experience?
  • What would change for both of you?
You know what? I didn’t come out of the womb connecting to and communicating with animals!

I’ve always lived with animals and have thought of them as family since I was a little kid.

I’ve always loved being in nature and been fascinated by wild animals. Some of my best memories as a kid are hanging out at streams and in the woods!

But my ability to connect and communicate didn’t blossom until I started doing intuitive training. 

And that’s good news for you!

With intention, training and practice, you can connect more deeply to your animals. The connection blossoms in different ways for each of us, of course!

Here’s what’s for sure: you’ll feel a deepening in your relationship with your animals, and it will enrich YOUR life AND the life of your pets!

Hear from Dr. Jake & Grover about UConnect:

“After seeing my dog Grover struggle with unpredictable aggressive behavior – lunging at trucks in the road, growling/barking at other dogs – I knew that we needed some extra help.  We had adopted Grover 3 years ago. He had bad past experiences that were affecting his behavior.

“I came to Maribeth with the goal of reshaping some of his behaviors but left with much more than that.  Grover has greatly improved his interactions with other dogs and other triggers that used to scare him such as loud trucks.  

What was much more valuable was the context of the relationship I have with Grover.  He is no longer a pet that I need to control – he is an individual who is capable of communicating emotions and thoughts. 

“Maribeth provided the tools to facilitate this realization and gave me the confidence to continue to improve my communication and his behavior moving forward.”

Dr. Jake & Grover

​​You already have the ability to connect – let it BLOSSOM!
Who is a good fit for UConnect
  • If you love your pets as much as, or more than, the humans in your lives, this program is for you.
  • If you want to connect more deeply and personally with your animal(s) by learning directly how to do so from Maribeth Decker, an extraordinary animal communicator, this program is for you.
  • If you’d like to investigate energy healing techniques to improve your own life as well as your animals, this program is for you.
Who isn’t a good fit for UConnect
  • If you don’t like homework, this program isn’t for you!
  • And if you want to become a professional animal communicator, this isn’t the program for you unless you want to “dip your toe in the water.” It’s  designed for people who want to deepen their connection with their own animals through intuitive communication.
  • But wait! If you are interested in professional animal communication, don’t despair! I can steer you in the right direction – just ask.
Learn how to:
  • Directly connect with your animal(s)  
  • Open lines of communication between you and your animal(s)
  • Figure out how your gifts manifest
  • Grow your intuitive gifts
  • Discover what makes your animals tick
What the program includes
  • 7 weekly 60-90 minute LIVE group training sessions via Zoom
  • One 30-minute individual call with Maribeth to focus on your questions
  • Written lessons, training materials and other resources
  • Direct communication with your animal(s)
  • An overview of what energy healing is and how it works
  • Recordings of the sessions
  • Recorded guided meditations to assist with connecting
  • UConnect Facebook group for questions and support
​​You already have the ability to connect – let it BLOSSOM!
What people say about UConnect

People who have participated in my UConnect program have been able to connect with their animals. They find that they’re more loving, empathetic, and compassionate not only to their beloved pets but themselves and their families. UConnect is all about making deeper connections.

Here’s what Deb S. shared about UConnect:

“[My dog] Sadie’s  communication skills have grown exponentially since I started working with Maribeth. Anyone who spends time with Sadie is impressed with how smart she is and how well she shares her feelings and desires.  I firmly believe this evolution is due to the work we have both done with Maribeth.”

Deb S.

Here’s more UCONNECT Success Stories:

I always felt that I had a connection with my dog, Emma, but I wanted to know for sure – and fine tune my intuitive skills. I wasn’t very confident about my ability to connect telepathically – in any way, shape or form – until I took Maribeth Decker’s UConnect Class. Thanks to Maribeth’s teaching and guidance, I have learned to not only connect with Emma, but also with my two guinea pigs and other UConnect members’ dogs! Maribeth creates a sacred environment for us to share our vulnerabilities, stories, frustrations, and celebrations. I’m so glad that I registered for UConnect. Emma is too (she told me)!

Jill Celeste, Emma, & Ray, Florida

I absolutely loved the UConnect class. Maribeth’s compassion and knowledge are a great combination for someone new to this like was. I enrolled because friends had told me wonderful things about Maribeth. I have a rescue dog that, almost two years after her adoption, is still fearful of my husband. I wanted to understand what was going on and help her tell her story. Since the class started, I have stronger relationships with both dogs. And Cammie is slowly becoming more trusting of my husband. I highly recommend this class for any animal lover who wants to further strengthen the bond with their animals.

Susan & Cammie, Virginia

I was initially intimidated by the idea of sharing spiritual details in a group like the UConnect class. I was afraid I wouldn’t be as good as everybody else, but Maribeth made everybody comfortable with wherever they were. And it was fascinating to see how differently some of us received similar information. Not only do I feel like I understand my animals better, but I feel more grounded myself.

Regan & Rowling, Virginia

UConnect – Usually $297 – now $222

  • Sign up for a deposit of just $111
  • 7 online group sessions + 1 one-on-one session with Maribeth to hone your skills
  • Recorded meditations
  • Written resources
  • Fun!

Caution: I am not a veterinarian or a trainer. I do not provide medical advice or professional animal training advice. Consult your own inner wisdom on how to use the information and guidance I provide.

Cancellation policy. Minimum 48 hours’ notice required for single-session cancellation and rescheduling; please note that your actions affect others. Your session is a time reserved for you at others’ expense; if you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, be advised that your prepayment is considered a donation to The Sacred Grove Animal Welfare Fund, which supports a number of local, national and international animal welfare and rescue charities