Where People and Pets Heal and Connect

Train with Maribeth

UConnect ℠

This 12-week online program is for pet guardians who want to connect more deeply and personally with their animals. And they want to investigate energy healing techniques to improve their own lives as well as their animals’ lives.
After completing UConnect ℠, you can continue practicing with Maribeth and other students through her Expand Your Intuition program.


UConnect Students: Click here to go to the Sacred Grove Training website.

UConnect ℠ Expand Your Intuition

The EYI program is open to UConnect Animal Communication Graduates. It’s a great way to continue practicing your skills with your animals while increasing your intuitive abilities.

Family Animal Communicators Community

The Family Animal Communicators Community is for animal lovers who want support around communicating intuitively with animals in their own families.

Most animal communication teachers focus on helping students become professional animal communicators and charge as though their students will make money with these new skills.

Family Animal Communicators focuses on helping you communicate with your own animal family members even if you’re not interested in doing this professionally!

Want to know the difference between UConnect and the Family Animal Communicators Community? Read, UConnect versus Family Animal Communicators – what’s the difference?