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“Peace in Passing is a wonderful combination of comfort, stories, wisdom, and advice.”

– Judy Kane, Aligned Consciousness, author Your4Truths: How Beliefs Impact Your Life

Does grief still grip your heart whenever you think about the loss of a beloved animal?

Or, when you anticipate losing an animal who is starting to decline?

Losing our animals is one of the most difficult parts of loving them.

In Peace in Passing, Maribeth Decker debunks the myths about animals’ passing which leave us crippled with grief, unable to find peace. She offers instead a roadmap to support you as you negotiate the treacherous path we walk before, during, and after our animals’ transition. This book will help you find peace amidst the enormous loss of your beloved animal companion.

This second edition is expanded to include information on ways to ease their physical decline; energetic techniques to connect you with your animal; and how to view the timing of their death through a spiritual lens.


Praise for Peace in Passing

I highly recommend this book for all animal lovers to help them navigate this challenging time and create a graceful transition for their beloved pet—and themselves.

Dr. Cara Gubbins, animal communicator and author of Divine Beings: The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals

Peace in Passing is filled with touching stories of animals and their human families as they support each other on the journey through the end of life.

Bonnie Kayser, Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue

Peace in Passing will change your understanding of your relationship with your beloved pets. Maribeth will become your trusted mentor through extremely difficult decisions and transitions.

Karen Campbell, owned by Scottish Terriers, and owner of Campbell’s Scottish Terriers

Find comfort in connecting with your animals through Peace in Passing.

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