What can I expect during a session?

Prior to check-in


I use a recent picture to introduce myself to your animal before the session.

I pick up the animal’s essence and some of their issues, which I share with you during the session.

We can check with as many animals as time allows.


Direct communication


You will be have a real conversation with them. You’ll have a solid understanding of what is going on and understand what your animal is thinking and feeling.

For behavioral issues, I show the animal what behaviors make you happy and unhappy. I let them experience your bliss when they change their behavior. Most animals want to be good family members and are willing to modify their behavior to make us happy.

You will gain insight into how to improve the situation, too. It can be so simple. A client was not thrilled that her dog wasn’t using the dog pads. The dog communicated that he was reluctant to walk on “stuff” on the pad. He was willing to use the pad if she got a bigger pad and changed it more often. Yes, she could do that!

Cancellation policy. Minimum 48 hours’ notice required for single-session cancellation and rescheduling; please note that your actions affect others. Your session is a time reserved for you at others’ expense; if you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, be advised that your prepayment is considered a donation to The Sacred Grove Animal Welfare Fund, which supports a number of local, national and international animal welfare and rescue charities.

Your animal can do their own thing


Oh, and your animal doesn’t have to be there or behave in a certain way during the session.

They can continue to act like themselves since we are communicating telepathically.


Open your intuitive connection?


As an animal lover, I duly apologize in advance for this analogy. Just like Henry IV of England wished for “a chicken in every pot” for his peasants in the 1600s, I wish for an animal communicator in every family with animals.

I believe we all have a door in our psyche that leads to “intuitive animal communication.” Some of us have walked through that door. Others have our hand on the knob and haven’t figured out how to turn it. Lots of us are facing the door and want to move closer.

Many times, participating in an animal communication session can “turn up the volume” on the intuitive connection with you and your animal. 

Body scan


I have been trained do a remote scan of physical bodies. I’m not a veterinarian and I do not give medical advice or diagnose. I personally take my animals to a veterinarian and follow their advice.

Still, a body scan can give you clues on pain levels and pain areas. Maybe body systems and parts are having issues; I can share what they feel like from the body’s perspective. You might use this when you talk to your animal’s care providers.

I’ve asked something simple as, “Is the pain medication working so you’re comfortable?” and found out that no, the medication wasn’t keeping the dog comfortable. My client went back to her veterinarian and they agreed to increase the pain medication.

Energy healing


I almost always do some energy healing. I use many healing modalities to decrease anxiety, soothe pain and increase confidence – whatever is right for your animal’s situation. Some modalities improve physical symptoms.

Sometimes energy healing will include you as well as your animal so the whole family’s in a better place. Learn more here.

I continue to do remote healing for your animal’s problems in my daily Vibrational Reset Technique energy healing .

Yes, I want to communcate with my animal!


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