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Your First Year: What I Wish I’d Known

The generous and hard-won wisdom shared in this book won’t be a cure-all, but it will reassure you that following your internal GPS is just as (or maybe more) important as getting advice. From legally setting up your business to keeping clean bookkeeping records and effective marketing strategies through thriving through major health and life crises, this book will be your “go-to” guide as you step fully into a CEO role.

The women authors in this book want you to succeed. They’re cheering you on as you make an impact in Your First Year…and beyond!

Your First Year Cover

Inspired Living: Superpowers for Health, Love, and Business 

Living your best inspired life includes recognizing, embracing, and sharing all of your superpowers. Amazon Bestseller Inspired Living: Superpowers for Health, Love, and Business offers a toolkit for people who want to live authentic, open, powerful and joyous lives even as they cope with the inevitable losses that accompany them.

In the book’s introduction, Carolyn McGee writes: “My intention for Inspired Living was to gather and create a community that supports each other in the moment and beyond. This group of 25 authors accomplished this beyond my wildest dreams. Each expert’s Hero’s Journey story is powerful, vulnerable, and enlightening.”

Shine! Stories to Inspire You to Dream Big, Fear Less & Blaze Your Own Trail

Stories to Inspire You to Dream Big, Fear Less & Blaze Your Own Trail

Are you ready to step through your fears and SHINE?
Read about how the unexpected death of Maribeth’s husband changed the trajectory of her life to one of opening her intuitive abilities. That opening ultimately led to her communicating telepathically with animals, which is her “third and final career,” as she likes to say.

Everyday Miracles with Quantum-Touch:
Energy Healing for Animals, 2018

From the description on Amazon:
“We are thrilled to introduce this amazing compilation! Over the years we’ve received so many extraordinary stories, they tend to be read and soon forgotten without seeing the bigger picture.”

“… we’ve gathered a wide range of examples of how Quantum-Touch works on animals. We’re not just talking about cats, dogs and birds, but horses, cows, rodents, sheep, deer, snakes, toads, insects and fish!”

Read Maribeth’s story about using Quantum-Touch when her dog, Mitsubishi, became gravely ill.

About Author Maribeth Decker

Maribeth has been called to work with pet families who dearly love each other and yet, are facing tough animal issues.

She uses her intuitive animal communication and energetic healing skills to address animals’ physical, emotional, and behavioral issues.

Maribeth is especially gifted in helping pets and their people move gracefully through end-of-life transitions

She helps people find peace and comfort knowing that they have made a good decision because it is a joint decision with their animal.