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Gift Certificates

Sacred Grove offers gift certificates, which are great for any animal lover and pet caregivers. Choose whether you want to gift a full session or a short session.

Gift Certificates are electronic, are valid for 180 days after purchase, and can be ordered by clicking the button below.

Sacred Grove Gift Certificate

Caution: I am not a veterinarian or a trainer. I do not provide medical advice or professional animal training advice. Consult your own inner wisdom on how to use the information and guidance I provide.

Cancellation policy: Minimum 48 hours’ notice required for single-session cancellation and rescheduling – please note that your actions affect others. Your session is a time reserved for you at others’ expense; if you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, be advised that your prepayment is considered a donation to The Sacred Grove Animal Welfare Fund, which supports a number of local, national and international animal welfare and rescue charities. No refunds will be given once a session or class starts.

Basset hound listening