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SOS Program

I was going to call this the “STOP THAT SH**” package,
but decided I would stick with SOS.

Many times, our animal’s issues are longstanding. They’re chronic behavioral or physical challenges.

If our animals were human, we would expect they’d need continuing support through ongoing sessions. Not surprisingly, the same IS TRUE for our beloved animals.

The SOS package can help you and your animal.

We can focus on their energy and yours so you support their progress. We can use animal communication to remind them that it’s possible to enjoy a great life no matter what. That you love and support them.

This package includes:

  • Three 50-minute virtual sessions ideally scheduled over one-two months via phone or Zoom
  • Direct communication with your animal(s) during each session
  • A body scan
  • Energetic healing
  • Visualizations and communications that you can use
  • Clearing outside influences
  • Email check-ins for emergencies as necessary

Investment: $525 (separately: $600)

Click here to sign up for the SOS package.

* If you had a session with me, we can apply the cost of that session to the SOS package. You’ll have 2 remaining sessions.
Contact maribeth@sacredgrove.com for more information.


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