So how did I hear about being married? Well, my friend, Debbie contacted me because she sensed that her cat, Chazworth, wasn’t feeling well. During our animal communication session “Chaz” confirmed that Debbie was right – he was feeling poorly. And he was OK with transitioning when the time was right.

He shares a secret – they’re married

I didn’t expect what came next. In something like a whisper, Chaz asked, “Do you know Debbie and I are married?” Well, I laughed in disbelief that I’d actually heard this. I know Debbie – there was no hanky panky going on!!

Did the cat say they're married?

Debbie’s reaction

When I told her, Debbie took it extremely well. Lucky for me, she has a quirky sense of humor. That’s probably one of the reasons we’ve been friends all these years. Thoughtfully, she said, “Well, it’s just Chaz and me in the house. And we DO sleep together.” We cracked up! “Plus,” she explained,” He’s always been a super special cat; I feel more connected to him than any other cat I’ve had.” To clinch it, Debbie remembered she always announced, “Honey, I’m home!” when she arrived home from work.

kitty Love

What’s in a loving relationship?

When I think about a loving relationship, Debbie and Chaz’s relationship fits. They enjoy each other’s company when they’re together. They miss each other when they’re separated. Their lives are enriched through their living together.

Not many of us would describe our relationship with our animals as being married. Still, we feel surrounded by our animal’s affection, love and caring. And we are clearly committed to each other’s wellbeing.

It’s mutual

Truly, what I love best is about this story is that it’s not just the human sharing about how much she cares for her cat. In this case, Debbie’s cat is doing his best to express his deep love for her. It’s his perspective on the relationship. It’s unexpected and lovely.

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Wonder if your animals care for you?

This is heartening news for those who wonder if their animals really care for them. In my experience, animals love their people – even if their people don’t believe it. I’ve met curmudgeonly-acting animals who still tell me they love their people. In those cases, I ask them to start showing it, and many do.

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What can I expect during a session?

How does your animal show their love? I’d love to hear about it.