“Remember what Miss Maribeth told you!” is one of my favorite “lessons” about what clients can do after an animal communication session with me. I am so grateful for the feedback from “Alma” and her then-puppy, “Sally” about her work with  after our session.

Although I’ve told this story before, it’s so relevant to connecting with our animals, so I wanted to share it from another perspective.

No toe nibbling

In our session, Alma, through me, asked Sally not to nibble on her toes. This was important because Alma was recovering from knee surgery. As she recovered, she was relearning how to balance and walk safely. So these particular puppy antics were not helpful to the recovery!

Being crystal clear with a puppy

Because Sally was a puppy, I had to be crystal clear about what Alma was asking. This is true with most animals I connect with, but it’s super important with young animals.

I shared pictures of what wasn’t working and shared Alma’s fear of losing her balance. Then I sent Sally the feeling of love as I pictured her being near Alma, but not going for Alma’s feet. I made the request through Sally’s great love for Alma and desire to be a good family member. Sally’s smart and she got it.

Remember what Miss Maribeth told you!

Of course, with any new behavior, there are setbacks and Sally would forget. She’d start attacking Alma’s toes because she was so excited to be with Alma.

That’s when Alma said the magic words, “Remember what Miss Maribeth told you!”

Sally stopped attacking Alma’s toes. Sally remembered what we had “talked” about and why it was so important to Alma. And then Sally decided to do what Alma requested out of love and concern. I was incredibly excited when I heard the news!

When Alma talked to Sally, I wasn’t there. And yet, the meaning of Alma’s words came through loud and clear.
There are some fantastic takeaways from this lesson.

Marinating in the vibes of animal communication

People who participate in an animal communication session marinate in the vibes of animal communication. As a result, when they talk to their animals, they’re more tuned in to them.

It’s like the old-time radio stations. Your personal radio station might broadcast at 101.1, but your animal’s station broadcasts at 99.5. After a session, you’re both tuned to 100.2. Or you both have access to each other’s channel now.

Building on the desire to be good family members

“Remember what we were talking about with Maribeth” is a loving way to ask them to be good family members. It’s not a harsh discipline. Instead it’s a gentle request and reminder. If they make some changes, you’ll be vibrating with more love – relief – joy.

Feel free to use some of these ideas to tune into your inner animal communicator!

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