It’s time for happy animal videos! Since that’s what I need right now, I’m going to guess that you could, too!

Dodo’s happy animal videos of 2018

Animal Videos That Will Make You Happy: Funny & Cute Animals 2018 | Best of The Dodo

Watching the Corgi ride the Shetland pony was awesome!

I particularly loved the two cats playing Pattycake, Pattycake, Baker’s Man!

What about the lady who thought her dog, Beau was having a tantrum about going in the house? Beau was clearly saying, “I’m so cute, I’m so playful! Don’t you want to change your mind and spend more time outside with cute me???”

Happy animal videos

Stella, Mitsu & Maribeth Snowmageddon 2010

The little dog and big dog in the snow reminded me of how my Siberian Husky, Mitsubishi would make tracks through the high snow. And little Stella would walk in those tracks.

The Gentle Barn’s Story Time for a calf

Here’s another happy animal video for you! I’ve visited the Gentle Barn in southern California and was delighted! They rescue farm animals and then provide them with an enjoyable life. So I support them financially.

Story Time for Rescued Calf Lewis

Doing energy healing for the cows (who are huge!!) a few years ago was an experience I’ll never forget!

Tennessee Gentle Barn

There is a second Gentle Barn in Tennessee. It’s located 40 miles southeast of Nashville in Christiana. I hope to visit them next time I’m visiting my sister’s family.

Daniel’s birds in Tennessee

Here’s a video of my nephew Daniel in Tennessee calling his happy birds for snack time.

Animal communication is for the birds

Singing gibbons

I heard gibbons sing when I visited the Gibbon Conservation Center in southern California. They’re the smallest Great Apes.

The video says they sing in duet. But really, the whole village sings together. Each gibbon has their own song and each tribe has their own symphony. They sing in the morning and at night. Maybe we wouldn’t classify these as “happy animal videos,” but I think the gibbons would. That’s what counts!

In this second video, you can hear a whole tribe sing. It’s kind of eerie, but they really enjoy doing this.

gibbons singing in the morning - laos

The Conservation Center plans to relocate to a larger space for the gibbons with the help of donations. The wild land around them is disappearing as people build homes in the hills. Read more here.

My Octopus Teacher

octopus happy animal video

Watch the trailer!

This story brought me such joy and amazement.  It doesn’t exactly qualify as a “Happy Animal Video.” But it blew my mind.

Watching Craig Foster and the octopus interact over a year in the kelp forest off the coast of South Africa was extraordinary. It takes place over a year, because that’s the lifespan of a female octopus.

And joining him as he fully immersed in the kelp forest allowed me to experience the ocean in a way I had never done. Even when I scuba dove In Puerto Rico, Australia and Malawi. As he says, he was part of the forest, not a visitor. Through him, we become part of the forest, too.

Best of all was that this relationship with the octopus changed Craig’s view of animals and people. I deeply felt the new closeness between Craig and his son as the shared their passion for the ocean.

P.S. You can view happy animal videos and stories on my Success Stories page!

Have you watched My Octopus Teacher? How did it impact you?