Before you put your pet down

At some point, we may notice that our pets have difficulty moving around, are incontinent, or aren't eating like they used to. Or we may hear terms like senior, old, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, Cushing's disease or congestive heart failure from our veterinarian....

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5 Tips for Moving with Your Furry Friend

I hope you enjoy these tips for moving by guest blogger, Cindy Aldridge. It’s great advice about taking care of our animals during stressful moves. My dogs, Timmie and Missy moved with me three times when I was in the Navy. I found them in Hawaii, flew them to upstate...

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3 Things My Dog Taught Me

I asked Debby Kevin, a student in my UConnect class, to write a blog about "things my dog taught me." Debby is an incredible storyteller and editor. I know that because she edited my story in the international bestseller, SHINE! Stories to Inspire You to Dream Big,...

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Are you up to the challenge?

Yes, this is a challenge to re-examine your reservations about remote healing and animal communication. Truly, I had my own reservations until I personally experienced them. And now I do both. My first remote healing A dear friend, Gene, sent me healing Reiki (a type...

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