I’ve certainly experienced the healing power of pets in my life. And I’ve watched how they can bring healing into others’ lives through their love and even through their challenges.

Have you found when you work through tough challenges, physical and spiritual gifts appear?

I have. So I decided to share about the gifts I received from facing the challenges of alcohol and food addictions with Dr. Rachel Haviland and Genevieve Kohn of Reclaim Your Health. There’s a clear connection between my recovery and my ability to connect intuitively with animals. Even though it came decades after my recovery. What a gift!

I used to be upset that it took so long to become an animal communicator. But I had a few items on my bucket list that needed to be checked off before animal communication blossomed – Navy career, family/raising kids, putting kids through college kind of “stuff.” I’m now OK that it took a while; truly, I’m not a great multitasker.

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Jumping to a new timeline

Timelines are a path your life is going down. You may sense where you’re going to end up – the trajectory of your life. People can “jump” from one timeline to another – into a new path. I’ve experienced “jumping timelines” a few times. For instance, my recovery moved me from the timeline of addiction to the timeline of physical health and tapping into my intuition. Which made it possible for my animal communication and energy healing abilities to finally blossom.

Pets Can Help Us Heal

Those of us who consider pets part of the family know about the healing power of pets. A few examples from my life:

  • I felt remorse and shame about my less-than-stellar dog parenting while I was drinking. And so, my dog, Pee Wee, was one of the reasons I began to consider getting sober. And getting sober is definitely a healing action, especially for the body. You can read about that at Not the perfect animal guardian? Me neither! 
  • My dogs Eddy and Mitsubishi’s love for me and their exuberance was an incredible support after the death of my first husband, Winston. They (and my kids of course) reminded me that the sweetness of life continues even in tragedy.
  • I witnessed a softening in my second husband, Charlie when he became adopted and absolutely adored by my dog, Eddy. It’s fun seeing the softer side of this crusty Navy man.
  • When my dogs Timmie and Eddy connected with me after their death, I felt more peace knowing relationships don’t end when bodies die.
  • When my mind and emotions race, my cat Bunnie cuddles up to me until the upsetting thoughts and emotions magically disappear.  She’s amazing!

And then there’s animal communication

I work with people who love their animals as much as (or sometimes more than – wink, wink) the people in their lives.

So during an animal communication session, something wonderful goes on behind the scenes. Most times, peoples’ hearts open wider to encompass their animal’s particular needs, personalities and even their quirks. They discover a little more patience and understanding. New ideas for making the relationship work better pop into existence.

It happens on the animal’s side, too. Animals understand better what the human is concerned about and how they can help the situation. Lots of times they adjust their behaviors.

And during the session, they create a stronger partnership. It’s not an equal partnership because we humans need to be the leaders. But there’s more give and take. More joy shows up for everyone. And isn’t that our secret hope when we bring an animal into our lives?

I’d love to hear from you!

Have you jumped timelines into a better place? Have you experienced the healing power of pets in your life? Please share with me!

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