Yes, I sure can; doing remote sessions – animal communication sessions – is wonderful! No matter where you live, we can connect with your pet.

Email or text me a picture

I do request a picture of your animal for the session, however. With smart phones, sending a picture electronically is not difficult for most of us. These days, I usually get three to five incredibly cute pictures from my clients. I have trouble deciding which picture to focus on. But that’s a fun “problem.” Usually one picture draws my attention.

Pictures = information

Interestingly, the pictures themselves provide me with information about the pet. I like to sit quietly staring at them before the session. I’m not connected intuitively with the animal when I do this. Instead, it’s as if their picture has vibrations embedded in it that I can tune into. It gives me a starting point for the animal’s essence, their personality or their challenges.

Giving them a heads up

After I’ve taken some notes about what I received, I connect with the pet to introduce myself and tell them we’ll be speaking soon. I explain that their person wants to talk with them. Some pets are so excited; they’ve been waiting and hoping to get a chance to chat! I have even heard, “It’s about time!”

I’m not hypnotizing them

During remote sessions, the animal can do whatever they want. They don’t need to be in the room to watch or hear me. We aren’t connected through our eyes or ears – it’s mind to mind – or maybe even soul to soul. I’m not hypnotizing them!

We use the phone and the computer, so I can communicate with THE HUMAN! This lets everyone relax during the session – no one has to worry about what their animals are up to.

Sometimes they join you

I am happy to report that in some remote sessions, people report their animals voluntarily sitting with their humans as if they’re listening in to the conversation – even when we’re on the phone. When I do remote energy healing for anxiety, worry or physical challenges, people remark on their animal’s increased relaxation. They hear deep sighs from their dogs and cats start to purr.

So yes, we can definitely do remote sessions!

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