All losses are hard, but when animals die unexpectedly, we are traumatized. There’s no way around it. These are the times to look deeper into the purpose of their life.

Peace in Passing 2021This blog is part of the new sections added to my bestseller, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions. The revised version is coming out in October 2021.

Higher Self

I choose to believe the animal’s Higher Self decides when’s the right time to go. Even when they die unexpectedly.

The Higher Self is more than the animal we interact with daily. The individual we interact with daily I call their Personality—the one who expresses their “dog-ness” or “cat-ness” or “hamster-ness” through their peculiarities and preferences. How they see the world, how they respond to daily life.

Their Higher Self is that being we sometimes experience behind their loving eyes. The expanded consciousness that chose us as much as we chose them. The self who knows us on a deeper level, a spiritual level. The self that is part of our Soul Family throughout eternity.

Why they leave

Animals, like humans, have a purpose in life. On a soul level, they choose a life that helps them become closer to the lovely being Creator knows them to be.

Even in the most horrible endings, we may find a purpose for the timing of their leaving.

I believe abrupt endings are decisions of the Higher Self saying, “I’m finished here.” Or, “My work here is done.”  These endings are not meant to bring guilt over what we’ve done or haven’t done.

Looking ahead and saying no

In some cases when they die unexpectedly, they peek at their future path and say, “Nope. Not going there.” They make a decision that it’s time to move on. And move on, they do.

I’ve met animals who seemed to hide their diagnosis until it was too late to for meaningful medical interventions. Their people took them to numerous veterinarians who couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So, it wasn’t their peoples’ neglectful actions. Once the animals got a real diagnosis, they did not stay in their bodies for very long.

In another instance, I asked a dog with chronic health issues if he was open to more treatment from a specialist in another state. He told me absolutely not. That evening, he had a seizure and died at home with his people. They were okay with that decision; they understood their pup was done with this particular body.

Sometimes animals have a sense that a budding physical diagnosis is going to get much worse in the near future. They decide to skip that phase altogether and find a quick death.

They got what they needed

In one case a relatively young dog passed from a disease.  They wanted the chance to be fully loved and cared for by a human being even though the pup could be considered “good for nothing” in the utilitarian human sense. Possibly in a past life, they were not valued when they stopped being able to help hunt for food or perform a certain chore.

In this lifetime, their illness might be seen as a burden requiring an ongoing expenditure of time and money. But with this family, they were simply loved for who they were during their short life.

This loving connection was an extraordinary healing gift from their human. Their life was short but filled with love.

They got what they needed—they are complete, they’ve graduated from this particular curriculum of life.

Their work here is done

Mitsubishi dog's last day on earthMy dog, Mitsubishi came into my life shortly after my first husband, Winston died. Mitsu (also known as “Bishi Boy”), a Siberian Husky, was a handful. He loved to run. And run. And run.

But Mitsu was a wonderful companion, my emotional support dog. Even after I remarried, he and I had a special relationship. Mitsubishi passed on in 2012.

Recently, Mitsubishi “contacted” me to say he had incarnated solely to help me through losing Winston. He has no plans to return to earth like other animals in my life. He is more comfortable with his ethereal presence. I was blessed to have him.

What if they pass when we’re not with them?

It’s so difficult when animals pass while we’re not with them. Did we do something wrong? Is it our fault that they chose not to go when we were present?

To find peace, remember their love for us. That didn’t change. Instead, the timing is most likely about their spiritual growth. Despite their love for us, it may have been easiest for them to leave while we’re not present.

Maybe they decided to spare us this last difficult decision. They took that decision off our shoulders.

Remember, they never pass alone

In one case, a client had to take her husband to the emergency room for heart attack symptoms. When they returned home, their dog had passed away. They were heartbroken!

When I checked in with their dog, I made a wonderful discovery. Although this woman was not consciously aware of it, her dog felt her presence. Some part of her was with him as he passed on. He felt loved. Her Higher Self was connected to his Higher Self.

In all circumstances, family members and friends (people and animals) who passed are there for our animals. Picture them saying, “Hey, come on, let us show you around your new existence.”

Are you receiving any answers as you read this? Don’t discount the first thought that comes to you—that could be the straight-up intuitive gift from your animal. Especially if it resonates with you.

Let’s grow spiritually through this loss

The loss of an animal isn’t simply about their reasons for leaving. This loss provides an extraordinary chance for our spiritual growth.

“Individuals do not meet by chance. They are necessary in the experiences of others, though they may not always use their opportunities in a spiritual way or manner.” ― Edgar Cayce

Even though I’ve given you potential reasons why your animal left, be sure to think about what the lesson—the meaning—is for you. Daydreaming about that question may help you find some comfort in their loss.

This understanding doesn’t happen overnight. Personally, I’ve had to release my heaviest grief before I could discern a glimmer of my animal’s purpose in my life. And – this was much harder – how the timing of their death was a gift.

A gift?

Yes, I believe Creator offers us an awakening to spiritual knowledge we didn’t possess prior to their loss.

Maybe we weren’t sure animals’ souls survive death. Then we get a visit from them. All of a sudden, we KNOW souls survive the loss of a body. And they still love and care for us.

Maybe this sudden loss made us look at a part of our life that we were ignoring. It was time to make some changes. Maybe they made room for a new family member who needs us more than they did.

But remember, their leaving isn’t all about us. They had their own purpose in leaving. That may be harder to discover, so start with what the gift of the loss was for you. Trust what you receive.

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When will my animal pass?

“Death is only passing through God’s other door.”

― Edgar Cayce

Many times, they’ll visit you afterwards

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