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Peace in Passing Book

Losing your animal companion can be hard or harder than losing a human family member…

Maribeth Decker, MS. MGA

There is no need to suffer, as so many do, with the loss of a beloved animal companion.

The Second Edition of Peace in Passing will be published April 2022. Learn more about how animals can communicate their needs and wishes to us.

Praise for Peace in Passing

Author of There Is Another Way:
Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer

“Peace in Passing” offers much-needed support!

Everyone who has a pet who is dying or who has died can benefit from this book. If you know someone in that situation, this book can help them. Buy it and hand it to them!

This is such an under-discussed human topic! Our animals live with us and love us and their deaths mean so much to us. Maribeth gives the reader solid advice, interspersed with stories of animals and people she has helped. “Peace in Passing” offers much-needed support!

Suzanne Clegg, RDN, LAc

“What comfort, what peace this book offered when my cat Zoë passed on. My heart was crushed to make the decision to put her down, but this book gave me a different perspective on the event. I still miss Zoë. However, Peace in Passing let me see her role in my life in a new way. Very simply written; I’m very grateful for the stories and the insights. In fact I now gift this book to friends, business colleagues and others who are experiencing the deep loss of their furry family member.”

Jodi Scholes

Amazon Reviews

Very insightful, especially for someone like me who is not an instinctive animal parent. Very straight forward and grounded in reality and compassion.
Amazon Customer

Very engaging and heartfelt. Couldn’t put it down until the end. Loved reading about all the owners and pets. Maribeth has an amazing gift and compassion for her clients, both human and animal.

About Author Maribeth Decker

She uses her intuitive animal communication and energetic healing skills to address animals’ physical, emotional, and behavioral issues.

   Maribeth is especially gifted in helping pets and their people move gracefully through end-of-life transitions

  She helps people find peace and comfort knowing that they have made a good decision because it is a joint decision with their animal.