Do you believe in animal intuition? The scientific and medical communities, “believe” (hah!) we should look to evidence to decide what to believe – or what is true. Seems like a good idea, especially if we have no personal experience with the subject.

When I use the term animal intuition, I mean telepathy – connecting and communicating mind to mind.

Discover the evidence on animal intuition

I’d like you to discover the evidence that supports animal intuition or telepathy. Otherwise you might miss – or more likely, DISMISS those intuitive moments between you and your pets. Which are generally delightful and fill our hearts with joy!

I’m a perfect example. My dogs practiced their animal communication abilities on me after I became a Reiki Master. But I didn’t stop to take in the delightful comforting experiences. I didn’t share my experiences with others because they were weird. Not anymore. Now their stories are part of my story.

Timmie visits me

Dog Timmie with one ear up and one ear downI actually saw a full body apparition of my dog, Timmie after he died. He was sitting in my dining room grinning at me, full of that goofy happiness that I still miss. There was nothing ghostly about him. He looked solid. And then he disappeared! “Wow, that was amazing”, I thought to myself. And I turned back to the stove and finished cooking dinner.

A few years later, I realize Timmie demonstrated 3 huge truths:

  • Our animals (their personalities – not just their energies) survive death.
  • They are happy!
  • They want us to know they still love us!

Yeah,  but that’s hearsay!

But it didn’t happen to you, so you have to take my word for it. I wish you were there. (Read more of my stories here.)

Never fear! There’s a great book you can read – “Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home,” by Rupert Sheldrake, PhD. He conducted studies to scientifically document that some dogs accurately predict, through their behaviors, when their people are coming home.

Here’s one of my favorite stories from the book:

“…Michael Joyce looked after his sister-in-law’s dog while she and his wife went shopping in Colchester, Essex, 14 miles away. He noticed that at 4:45 the dog walked to the window and sat there. [Michael reported], ‘Just a few minutes later it resumed its former position, sprawled out on the carpet. Then at about 5:15, half an hour later, it became excited and anxious again and remained near the window, waiting/anticipating their arrival. When my wife and sister-in-law arrived I said, ‘You decided to leave Colchester at about 4:45, changed your minds, and later decided t leave at 5:15!’ This was indeed what had happened.’ “

Dr. Sheldrake goes on to explain, “The evidence from these and other interrupted journeys supports the idea that dogs respond to their owners telepathically…”

And you’ll read about cats, parrots and horses, too!

Once you’re open to the fact that animals can connect and communicate telepathically, I “believe” you will pay more attention to cool telepathic experiences with your animals. Cherish them!

More resources:

I met author Rob Gutro at the Maryland Paranormal Conference recently. I’m excited to read his book, “Pets and the Afterlife – How They Communicate from the Other Side and More.” Visit Rob’s website at

I’m an author too. Read my bestseller, “Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions,” which has some neat stories.

And consider my online class, UConnect. It will help you connect more deeply – telepathically – with your pets.

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