Religiosity & End of Life is part of an hour discussion I had with Pete Johnson, who does what he calls, “mediumship for the living”. Pete communicates with people who are unable to communicate through speaking.

In this case, we’re talking about communicating telepathically with people in coma at the end of their lives.

This is a shortened version of our discussion. Listen to this portion of the interview below. (And if you like this, please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel.)

End of Life: Religiosity Plays a Role with Pete Johnson

Pete shares:

Medium skills for end of life

I already had medium skills when my father-in-law began to develop dementia. As he found himself deeper and deeper in dementia, he couldn’t voice what was going on. I realized that he was communicating telepathically with me. And that’s when I realized, “Well, okay. I can communicate with him!” That got me started on this path.

Religiosity (religious beliefs) affects end of life

I encounter a particular energy when somebody is desperately fearful. Their regrets make them wonder where they’re going to end up when they transition.

That’s because a lot of religions believe when you exit this life, you go either up or down in the elevator. There’s no other choice. And this is where religiosity plays into their ability to let go and enter the labor of leaving their body.

This affects their ability to see beyond the regret or guilt and see the light. They don’t see the light.

So before I contact the person, I ask the family, “Were there particular religious beliefs?”

Discussing religious beliefs with the person

As I step into their energy, I always see that light at the end. And usually three or four people with arms outstretched, waiting for the person to take their hand.

But a lot of times the person is caught up in the fear of what’s going to happen. They’re not looking towards the light or the people. They’re looking down. They just see damnation, punishment, something like that.

So I share,

“I understand that you feel afraid. But I promise you there’s no retribution, there’s no damnation, there’s none of this. From my experience, it is light. You’ll have the chance to review whatever you’re worried about. Maybe have a chance to do it differently the next time, but there’s no condemnation.”

“You’re just going to go to the light and view it from a different perspective. You might realize, ‘Geez, I could have done that differently. I’ll do that differently next time if I can.’  But you’re going to the light. There’s nothing but light and love when you cross. That’s all that exists.”

Some people were really scared, though. I said, “I promise you, I have never seen a flame. I have only seen a beautiful welcoming light. Look, there’s your mom and your brother.”

Polarized religiosity & end of life

Typically, these people were very polarized in life as well as in their religious beliefs of hell and heaven. Everything was black and white. There was no gray area. And that can make these final days difficult for them.

But that’s where I step in and say, “You know what, I promise you it’s different than what you believed.” Sometimes it takes more than one talk, but we work through it.

I hope our listeners will consider that there might be an option other than polarized religiosity; of believing the elevator only goes up or down. Because it’s not just one direction or the other. Don’t let that belief tie you up as you transition.

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Peter Johnson, MindProxy

Pete Johnson

With an esteemed career as a Chief Operations Officer, multiple patent holder, and Co-Founder of a thirty-plus year, best-in-class, international business, Peter Johnson understands the importance of knowledge – its value in the marketplace, the healing it can bring to the suffering, and the ethics it requires.

As a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, Peter grew up and still lives in the light and influence of the Edgar Cayce Foundation. With a university education and business success long achieved, Peter then felt and followed the Divine nudge to combine his unique psychic skill set with his practical business acumen.

Peter’s primary audience is best classified as business to business: Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, Insurance Companies, Human Resource Departments, Law Firms, and Health Care Providers, among others. His services include:

  • Intuitive Personnel, Partnership, and Executive Assessment, Management, and Selection
  • Psychic Location and Evidence Recovery, and
  • Strategic Foresight, Prediction, and Analysis of energetic trends for opportunity exploration and maximization.

However, today we focus on a subset of Peter’s skills, namely telepathic communication at the end of life – or what Peter more easily terms “Mediumship for the Living.”

Peter works on a contractual (consultant-type) basis with Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, Home Health, Autism, and other private service providers to deliver unique communication services for the family members, friends, or caretakers of those approaching the End of Life or others who are permanently or temporarily unable to communicate for themselves. This includes the unconscious, persons on the Spectrum, stroke victims, dementia patients, infants, and more.

Be it misunderstood or troubling behaviors, final wishes, or proactively clearing any lingering questions or issues before transition, telepathic communication can be instrumental in reframing complex relationships or familial issues to enable a compassionate and healing space  — not only for the person themselves but also for the caretakers or family members that remain.

Visit Pete’s website: