A woman asked me to communicate with her mother’s dog as Mom was in hospice. Mom’s dog was with the sister’s family.

The dog had questions – and compassion

When I first connected to her dog, he had two questions:

1.       Is my mom in pain? I know she’s sick.

2.       What’s going to happen to me?

I was astounded that her dog was concerned about Mom’s pain. He showed a genuine and deep compassion for Mom. Well, I had not anticipated that!

Mom comes through

During our session with the dog and the daughter, an unexpected visitor came forward – Mom! This was in an energetic sense, of course – I’m in Virginia and the family is on the West Coast. I was able to facilitate a three-way discussion.

Regarding Mom’s pain, I shared what Mom told me – she was a bit uncomfortable, but was handling it OK. That was a relief to her family.

And the discussion about what was going to happen to Mom’s dog was heartwarming – listen to my video to hear the details! During our session, Mom, her daughter and the dog said goodbye and shared their love for each other.

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Telling Her Dog that Mom is in Hospice