Knowing our animals’ spirits survive death has been key to my ability to survive their loss. My personal experiences and those of other animal lovers validate my belief. Here’s my story about my dog Timmie’s visit.

Timmie proves animals’ spirits survive death

My dog, Timmie made a surprise visit a number of years after his death. He was the first of my pets to let me know he was okay even though his body had died.

A real Navy dependent

Stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii, my husband and I found Timmie at St. Timothy of Aiea Church. We realized Timmie was a poi dog, a homeless puppy, and decided to bring him home. His full name was “St. Timothy of Aiea” but all his friends called him Timmie.

Timmie and his sister, Missy (another homeless puppy), traveled with us from Honolulu to Schenectady, New York. From there we traveled to Treasure Island, San Francisco. After three years, we arrived at Timmie’s and my last duty station, Alexandria, Virginia. We stayed in Alexandria to raise our kids after I retired from the Navy.

Timmie visits me after his death

I was focused on cooking dinner for the kids when I saw Timmie out of the corner of my eye. I immediately freaked out in a good way. Because Timmie didn’t look “ghostly”! Instead, he was 3D. It was as if he was really sitting in my dining room. He looked so darn huggable!

In that short moment, Timmie let me know that he still existed, was very happy, still loved me!

As I began working as an animal communicator, I discovered more people whose beloved companions connected with them after “death”.  if this happens to you, trust that it’s real! It’s not your imagination. Lots of us have felt our animals’ presence after their physical death.

Be sure to thank them for showing up, tell them how much you loved the experience. And invite them to show up whenever they desire.

Timmie’s story Animals' spirits survive death Peace in Passing bookis one of the many stories I share in my bestseller, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans during Animal Transitions.

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Have your beloved animal companions visited you after they passed? I’d love to hear your story!