Any time one of my beloved animal’s life slows down, I am reminded that now is never the right time to lose them. But I know the facts. So do you. Everyone’s physical body has a time limit.

Still, no matter how many times we experience the loss a beloved animal, the end is still a shock.

Deep diving into loss

When I wrote the second edition of my bestseller, Peace in Passing, I took a deep dive into what it takes to find peace in moving towards, through and beyond our animal’s passing.

Synchronicity just popped in, too. I heard Americhicana (her term) Carrie Rodriguez sing Hank Williams’ “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” . And that fits because I come to tears as I write.

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

They survive death

I receive solace from the belief that our animals’ personalities survive death. I’ve had enough personal encounters with my own animals to know that they exist in the afterlife. So they’re not lost to us forever.

Even if now is never the right time…

In the second edition of Peace in Passing, I shared this about when they leave the planet:

“I choose to believe the animal’s Higher Self decides when’s the right time to go—even when they die unexpectedly. The Higher Self is more than the animal we interact with daily. The individual we interact with daily I call their personality—the one who expresses their “dog-ness” or “cat-ness” or “hamster-ness” through their peculiarities and preferences. It’s how they see the world, and how they respond to daily life.

“Their Higher Self is that being we sometimes experience behind their loving eyes. The expanded consciousness that knows they chose us as much as we chose them. The self who knows us on a deeper, more spiritual level. The self that is part of our Soul Family throughout eternity.”

Trust Creator about the right time

I don’t always understand how a beloved soul’s passing is a good thing. In that case, I trust Creator and Creator’s divine, sacred beings to smooth their passing. Especially with tough endings, I send them good energy and prayers. That’s because good energy and prayers are never a waste of time. Animals receive the love and feel the comfort. Plus, I feel better.

Feel the love despite the timing

Feel heart-centered love and send it to your animal. Imagine their response. Maybe your heart warms. Maybe you receive a happy feeling or peace. Maybe you see a happy face or see them doing something they love. If you are worried for them, send even more love to surround them with comfort. Remember, they love you and haven’t forgotten you.

We plan to publish the second edition of Peace in Passing in April 2022.