Let’s bust this myth about animal transitions – You have to be special to communicate intuitively with your animal through their transition.

“The fact that so many people from all walks of life communicate with their pets debunks this myth. And those who believe this myth cut themselves off from experiencing a real moment of contact with their animal.”

From my bestseller, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions

Wouldn’t it be nice to

  • Know when they’re ready to go?
  • Feel when their essence has left the body?
  • Have them visit you after they transition?

How to communicate intuitively

You’re so in tune with your animal at this time of their life! Harness that energy. But focus on your love for them, not your grief when you reach out.

Start the intuitive connection

Consciously bring forth (FEEL) your love for them. In your head, imagine a picture that symbolizes your love for them. Maybe you’ve made them small so you can hold them in your arms like a baby.  Whatever works for you. Then say out loud to them that you’ll be with them through it all.  Hold this picture in your mind while you say it with love. Make it easy. Let it flow.

Are they ready to transition?

Ask them out loud to tell you when they’re ready to go. Maybe they give you “that look.” Or they put a paw on your arm. Or you feel their weariness. If you can, picture the look they’d give you. Or picture them putting a paw on your arm. Conjure up the weariness they would share. Do this as you speak the words. Send a sense of gratitude for listening and thank them when you feel you got through.

Feel their essence depart during the transition

At the end, set your intention to know when their soul has left the body as they transition. In my experience, they leave before the body completely shuts down.

I felt a shift in the atmosphere when my son’s dog, Peanut left her body. A client reported an emotional release of intense joy and relief when their animal’s essence left.

Visits after they transition

Request a visit after they transition! Picture all the ways they could let you know they’re around.

You might see them (even just a tail), hear them meow or hear their nails on the hardwood floor.

They could cuddle up next to you or even on your feet! For instance, my mother-in-law’s cat would jump on the bed to sleep with her even after she passed.

They could hang out with you in your dreams. Or you might feel their presence and love for you.

Renowned veterinarian Michael W. Fox shares about the possibilities in his blog, Animal Spirits — Companion Animal Communications From Across the Grave.

Be sure to focus on your love for them rather than your grief when you ask for a visit.

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Have you connect with your beloved animal during their transition or afterwards? I’d love to hear your story!