When I met a kangaroo up close and personal, I sure valued my animal communication skills! Turns out communicating with wild animals came in handy!

Listen as I tell the story.


How’d I get to meet a kangaroo up close and personal?

Living in the United States, the only chance to see a kangaroo is in a zoo (hopefully an accredited one)!

But lucky for me, my son, Pat and I traveled to see my daughter, Andy in Australia. At the time, she worked on Daydream Island near the Great Barrier Reef. While visiting Andy, we often saw kangaroos and wallabies.

But when I almost literally ran into a kangaroo, that was different. As I enter the women’s bathroom next to one of the pools, a kangaroo greeted me near the sink. As you can guess, I was shocked! Nothing prepared me for this.

The kangaroo was caught in the act!

Still, amusement overcame me. That’s because the kangaroo looked extremely guilty as they chewed on a toilet roll.

Maybe their mom had taught them not to chew toilet paper with their mouth open, just as my mom taught me not to chew gum with my mouth open. Who knows? Or their mom taught them not to use people bathrooms. But there they were, chewing with their mouth open “like a cow,” as my Mom would say. Either way, they weren’t happy to be caught chewing!

Don’t mind me, Mr./Ms. Kangaroo

I told the kangaroo that I was just going to walk around them and go into a stall. I spoke out loud, but also connected telepathically. “Don’t mind me. You take care or your business, I’ll take care of mine.”  They stared in astonishment as I walked around them and walked into a stall. Thinking about it, possibly it was the American accent.. (I’m joking!)

When I cam out, the kangaroo had disappeared. Can you hear a sigh of relief? But I heard a little boy frantically scream for his dad. So this kangaroo must have gone into the men’s bathroom. Who knew toilet paper could be such a delicacy?

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