I meet a kangaroo up close and personal

Watch a short video about my visit to Australia.  Turns out communicating with wild animals comes in handy once in a while. I even bring props to recreate the action.

My son, Pat and I traveled to see my daughter, Andy who was working on Daydream Island off the Great Barrier Reef. I ran into a kangaroo in the women’s bathroom! As you can guess, I was astounded. But I was also amused because the kangaroo looked extremely guilty. Maybe it felt guilty because its mom had taught it not to chew toilet paper with its mouth open, just as my mother taught me to chew with my mouth closed. But there he – she? was – chewing with its mouth open like a cow, as my Mom would say. And it knew I was a mom who would not approve…

Don’t mind me, Mr./ Ms. Kangaroo

I told the kangaroo that I was just going to walk around it and go into a stall. It had its business, I had mine. Don’t mind me. It stared in astonishment as I walked around it. Thinking about it, possibly it was the American accent… Must have gone into the men’s bathroom because I heard a little boy calling for his dad!

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