My black cat Shadow is the source of my funny cat stories. Turns out, she “listens in” when I connect with other peoples’ cats during my animal communication sessions. It’s amazing because I’m not talking. I’m conversing telepathically with my clients’ cats.

Funny Cat Story #1 – Binky loves his peoples’ seats

I communicated with a cat, “Binky” who was jumping up to “steal” his folks’ usual spots before they could sit down. “Sharon” had a favorite place on the loveseat and “Jarrod” loved his lounge chair. Binky saw it as a game, who could get there first. He usually won. Since he “won,” he wasn’t excited about giving up the spot to his people. Also, he just loved cuddling in those spots because they had the wonderful scent of his people.

I asked Binky to share those spots with his people. The best he would give us was to not argue when they picked him up and moved him. And we encouraged him to sit on or near his people, because we knew he loved that.

Back to my kitty, Shadow.

After that communication with Binky, Shadow began to sit in my office chair. A lot. That was new behavior.

So I’m sure she was eavesdropping on me and Binky. And she’s ok with me moving her, too.

Funny Cat Story #2 – Elsie can’t figure out what to do

“Elsie” loved her mom, “Marilyn” so much. She meowed at Marilyn to be petted all the time. It was too much for Marilyn. Marilyn, as we humans do, had chores and activities to accomplish. She couldn’t be there for Elsie all day.

So I communicated with Elsie to remind her of the fun “Cat Activities” she could accomplish all by herself. I telepathically shared images of her watching birds and squirrels out the window, sleeping, batting toys around and chasing them.

Lastly, I showed her how fun it was to have the “Cat Zoomies,” where she raced around the room like a happy crazy cat! Elsie took my suggestion and spent more time entertaining herself.

Fluffy Ragdoll Cat Is Having The Zoomies (Timo the Ragdoll Cat)

Guess who got the “cat zoomies” all of a sudden?

Yup, Shadow was zooming around the living room, dining room, the top of the sofa and onto the love seat right after I connected with Elsie! I was laughing in amazement at her antics. (This video  isn’t Shadow, but this kitty expertly demonstrates cat zoomies!)

Our animals are listening

Even if you’re not an animal communicator, I bet you’ve noticed your animal responding to a thought before you even say or do anything. Try it and see how it works.

Check out Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home by Rupert Sheldrake – you’ll find many cat stories as well as dog stories.

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Have you noticed your animal reacting to a thought or emotion? I’d love to hear your story!