At the end of the podcast with Dr. Gwen Schiada of Life on Your Terms: Powered by Your Inner Compass, I did an animal communication session with her dog, Bailey. Dr. Gwen and her husband had put down Bailey due to physical issues.

Grief and Guilt after putting their dog down

At the time of our podcast, Dr. Gwen was still experiencing grief and guilt over their decision. This is not unusual! Ending a beloved pet’s life is devastating for most of us; the grief and guilt linger.

Animals’ spirits & personalities survive death

Maribeth's dog TImmie


I had no difficulty connecting to Bailey using her picture. You see, animals’ spirits – and personalities – survive death. I learned that truth in a wondrous way.

One time my dog, Timmie, who had passed on, popped into my dining room to say hi! He appeared as a full-body apparition – he was sitting on the floor as if waiting for a hug, grinning at me.  Timmie didn’t stay long, but in those seconds, I knew he survived death, was happy, and still cared for me!

Not feeling well but mentally sharp

In this session, I heard that there was a slowing down of Bailey’s body, although her mind was still sharp. She wasn’t happy about her body’s decline. She felt sad about the impending transition, and having to leave her family.

The right decision

Bailey shared with Dr. Gwen how happy she was to be free of her body now – she felt light and free. Even more important, she insisted that Dr. Gwen and her husband made the right decision to let her go. She came to a point where she wasn’t enjoying life anymore. Throughout the session, Bailey kept showing me how much she loved her people – I saw images of her hugging them, giving sloppy kisses, sending them a big Valentine Heart.

Bailey’s new job – puppy daycare

Bailey taking care of puppiee

Heaven for Bailey!

Bailey told me she was taking care of puppies in the afterlife, which she found exhilarating. Dr. Gwen said this made sense as it looked like Bailey had had puppies when they adopted her at two years old.

I had met other animals that had jobs in the afterlife. But taking care of puppies? That surprised me. When you think about it, though, not every puppy makes it to adulthood. My first dog, Pee Wee, had two stillborn puppies. And I’m sure some puppies that are taken to shelters don’t get adopted.

Dr. Gwen experienced immense relief when she realized Bailey supported their decision to release her to the great beyond.

Click here if you’d like to listen to the actual session. Go to minute 42 -that’s when the reading begins. The session runs about 25 minutes.

If you’re experiencing grief over the loss of your beloved animal, my book, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans during Animal Transitions will certainly help you with those feelings!

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