When Dr. Scott Muzinski told me how his cat listened in to his family’s conversation, I grinned from ear to ear. I’ve worked with Dr. Scott, his wife, Dr. Kim for a few years now. They have three animals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. There’s a wonderful dog, Thomas, who reminds me of my dog, Tibor. And they also have two great cats, Goldie and Tookie.

Goldie listened in

Goldie cat listened in

Here’s what Scott shared about his cat Goldie listening in.

Interestingly, today Kim and Sam (my son) were sitting in the TV room while I was doing chores. They talked about how well we take care of our pets as they worked on our cat Goldie, balancing her hip and other things. (Maribeth’s note: They are an energy-healing, holistic chiropractic family.)

Then Kim and Sam had a discussion. “I hope [our animals] appreciate the things we get for them. Like the cat stairs to the couch! Oh, and that new water fountain with flowing water. And don’t forget the bed that looks like a footstool (nicknamed the chicken coop) for them to sleep in!”

 At that instant, our cat Goldie got up, walked over to the stairs, and walked down them. Then she walked over to the water fountain and took a big drink. Finally, she walked to the “chicken coop” (the bed), went inside and laid down. She looked right back out at us.

“I’m grateful, okay? Are you happy?”, she seemed to be saying to Kim and Sam.

 I guess that answers that question! Goldie definitely listened in!

Did animal communication help?

I wondered if his work with me helped bring this about. I just had to ask!

Scott shared the following.

I certainly think that your regular cycles with the pets (4 Week Check Ins) and my work with them, especially through the UConnect animal communication class, helped.

It’s like giving them a voice to be heard.  And because they know they are being heard, they are communicating more and responding more to us.

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Here’s Dr. Kim’s testimonial about my work with their dog, Thomas.

Thomas’ Success Story!