Success Stories

Enquiring minds want to know!

Is animal communication real? Does it work?

Good questions that should be asked and answered.

Like any modality, perfect results are tough to guarantee. This is especially true because we’re interacting with both animal and human personalities and peculiarities. But most times, the results are heartening.

There is no need to take my word for the heartwarming results – here are success stories and testimonials from my clients!

My husband had noticed a big change in my 11-year-old black Lab, Jazz’ energy as soon as the session with Maribeth ended. Maribeth had talked about a beach retirement for Jazz – that I had no more need for him to be my emotional support. And that is the first thing Jazz did. He brought me to the sandbars in on the edge of the South Saskatchewan River. Jazz stayed put for about an hour, lying in the sand and soaking up the sun, no moving, no walking! Before our session, Jazz wasn’t always able to go on long walks. Since then the amazing thing is that he still goes for two walks, for about 3 miles a day in total, but this happens very differently. We go around and around with him, no more long straight line 😄. But beyond that, is the release of the obsessive need to keep him in total good health that is a great shift for me. Now we have so much time being together doing nothing other than enjoying our time together. A huge weight off my shoulders and I am so aware of the preciousness of this time… I really love this time of his life. Thank you so much, Maribeth for your great help that has allowed me to be so much closer to him now.

Laurence & Jazz, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bella has been extremely anxious about my leaving her behind, and also hearing various noises. After our session, I took her with me to an acupuncture appointment. Bella stayed in the car (it was cool out). I told her before I left the car that I’d be back because I love her and I’ll always come back. While I was lying there with my needles in, I heard the garbage truck come and make lots of loud garbage truck noises. Garbage trucks are one of Bella’s primary fear objects.  I focused on sending her the thought that she was safe and I was going to come back and I loved her. As I was making a connection, I saw the front of her nose and mouth – it was as if she was standing up with her face against a pane of glass.  When I got back, instead of being upset, agitated and crying, she was happy to see me. She even brought me her red rubber bone.  It was great!

Donna & Bella, Virginia

Maribeth has been amazing. My horse, Tica has been at an equine hospital for two weeks. Within hours of our session, she started showing improvement from conditions no doctors could explain. Maribeth explained to Tica what was taking place and then we did the healing. It is a miracle! Forever grateful!
Anna & Tica Virginia

After our talk with my 30-year-old horse, Joe in February he certainly did perk up! Our agreements (discussions) worked – he shares more energy as long as I bring happier energy. 

As it has warmed up, we have been playing more often. 

He even started jumping while we are playing on the ground! Imagine that! A half blind horse with some mobility limitations enjoying jumping! After he showed me that he likes bareback, we’ve been doing bareback rides once or twice a week for the last 2 weeks. He even cantered last Saturday! 

Today we were riding in the pasture and found a bunch of groundhog holes and had to move spaces where the boys (horses) were living. Joe helped me move everyone in and work the gate just like the old days! 

Thank you for helping us to make sure we are both getting what we need and assure me that Joe is still just as fun and spunky as ever.

Sara & Joe, Virginia

Thank you for taking the time to work with us and Fancie. In the last week, she has improved tremendously. She’s back to almost 98% of her old self.

She’s started tripping us up in the kitchen again (her favorite place to be is “in the way”) and has even let out a few good barks in the last days, something that I didn’t necessarily miss, but am so glad to be hearing again, even if it is while I’m trying to sleep 😅.


She has also regained her appetite, is taking all her meds like a champ, and is back to being able to pee outside, which has her feeling more confident overall. She continues to run in her sleep (a lot and so vigorously we once thought she was having another seizure. Nope, just dream rabbits.). We’ve started to play Christmas music for her, which I’m not sure if she’s enjoying, but it’s nice nonetheless.

I am not totally sure what you did or what you told her, but we are really just so thankful to have our babe back and I feel we owe that, at least in part, to you.

Fancie & Alex, Virginia

Thank you so much for working with my dog “B” and me. It was a wonderful experience. Before our session, B was constantly following me around and complaining. He huffed, barked, and stared. And he rarely gave up! You answered so many questions that have been haunting me. 

Since our session, B has been so much better. I thought a lot about the things he communicated to you and made a lot of changes in myself. I’m trying to be more attentive, less distracted. I have my sweet boy back! B. is so much less grumpy and is back to being himself again.

I am so grateful to you for helping us! 

S&B, Virginia

Our cat, Rex, who’s 12 years old, has always been “my kitty” – he was never friendly or loving towards my husband, Cody. It didn’t matter how hard Cody tried to make friends with Rex. It was hard on Cody.  

After only two sessions of Maribeth asking Rex to share his love with Cody, we finally saw progress! Cody just let Rex back in after he’d been outside awhile. For the first time EVER, Rex plopped down in front of Cody & let him pet & pet & pet him!!! 

RoseLynne, Cody & Rex, VIrginia

Our dog, Honey has been extremely anxious with some tough behavioral issues.. We used Maribeth’s Postcards From Your Pet to connect with Honey while we went on vacation Maribeth sent me periodic reports of how she was reassuring Honey all was well and we’d be back. 

When I went to get Honey, it took her a second to recognize me. Then she went NUTS!!!. Wagging, whining, jumping on me (she never does that) and giving me kisses. She went back to give the dog, Ky love before leaving. 

Honey jumped into the car without fear and sat in the front seat just staring at me the whole drive home. She was VERY happy. 

Since being home, she settled right in. She is now walking down the stairs to go for a walk without any hesitation. There’s no more chasing her around to get her down the stairs and leashed up. She’s been very calm and happy. I felt like she didn’t believe I was coming back for her, and now that I did, she feels more secure. 

Before the trip she would really harass me for a walk directly after dinner, now she’s waiting and patient like she knows the walk will come. 

Ali & Honey, Virginia

Deidre had been itching like crazy the last few days. Maribeth checked in with her and said Deidre may have contacted something on her walk. It was still on Deidre’s skin and her paws, so medicine to stop the itching wasn’t going to be enough. (I hadn’t told Maribeth about Deidre licking her paws.)  

Maribeth did some energy healing. Then asked me to give Deidre a soothing bath (not a shower) so her paws could soak in it. I did, scrubbed her paws real good and then let them sit in the soapy water as I washed the rest of her body.   

Deidre shook the whole time, but I put on nice music and talked to her as I washed every part of her little body.  She was all happy and was playing around with me. 

After her bath, Deidre didn’t itch once!   

[NOTE: Maribeth’s not a veterinarian; use her advice in addition to whatever your vet recommends.] 

Thea and Deidre, Virginia

My Rhodesian Ridgeback, Abu was fear based from the time he came to us at 10 years old. He recently developed aggressive issues with medium & larger sized dogs that have gotten worse with age – barking loudly & aggressively, pulling, lunging, running towards them if he can.

I took Abu to the beach for the first time since our session with Maribeth. Wow – the difference was incredible!!! He was on leash and, while walking by other dogs, he was remained relaxed. There was zero barking.

An off-leash cattle dog came running up to him, sniffing & wanting to play. Abu was not stressed at all and was excited to play with him! 

This happened a second time with an off-leash Rhodesian Ridgeback – it was a bit of a crazy scene because Abu was bouncing around trying to play with the dog while I was on the other end of the leash! But all was good because it was just playful, happy energy and zero aggression.

Another time, we did a leashed walk around the city. As we approached a corner, suddenly a huge German Shepherd appeared – he surprised and startled me! He was on leash and immediately sniffed Abu all over. . . and Abu was equally interested and sniffed him back in a completely calm, balanced, curious way!!!  

In the past, the combination of being surprised by a large dog that then was immediately all up in his business would have certainly caused Abu to aggressively bark & lunge. What a JOY it was to see him respond in such a balanced way.

Maribeth, this is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! Words are unable to express my gratitude to you. This is life-changing for our entire family and such a massive stress reliever.

Maya & Abu, California

My foster dog Marne was very scared and withdrawn. I asked Maribeth to connect with her to give her positive reassurances.

Maribeth saw that Marne came from a situation where she didn’t interact much with people or other dogs, even though there were dogs in the yard with her. She was confused about living in the house with Kris, the other dogs and the cat. She even asked Maribeth, “Why is Kris touching me??” Maribeth explained that petting is how people express love and affection to their animals. Maribeth suggested Marnie relax, enjoy the petting, play with Marvel and even grab a toy to play with. This was her new reality.

Right after our call, Marnie grabbed a toy and started chewing on it without me doing anything! She’s finally understanding how good she’s got it here!

Kris & Marne, Colorado

I found Maribeth through a referral when the health of my senior cat, Houdini, was declining.  I signed up for a remote session immediately, even though animal communication was new to me. 

Maribeth helped us connect in a way that we never had before. Each session, my cat Houdini joined the Zoom call! When Houdini was dehydrated, she was able to get him to drink fluids he desperately needed.  She also explained his new living situation, which eased his mind.  She taught me tools and healing practices to ease my stress, which in turn made Houdini more comfortable.  She scanned his body and provided healing where needed.  It was profound watching him and then verifying with her that in fact, she was communicating with him and providing healing. And she made his transition over the Rainbow Bridge a sacred and peaceful process. She’s the real deal!

I love Maribeth’s work so much, I signed up for her UConnect animal communication class.  This wonderful remote course helped me bond with animals even more, and in turn, has made me a more compassionate and thoughtful animal guardian and person in general.

If you’re not sure if you want to work with Maribeth, take the leap of faith.  Try a session!  You won’t be sorry. I’ve become one of her biggest fans and give Gift Certificates every chance I can….and I’m looking forward to working with Maribeth over and over again with my new kitten, Grace.

Kristin, Houdini & Grace, St. Martin, French West Indies

Since your communication with CJ, she seems to be more relaxed in her low back and hip area.  She has a brighter countenance and bubbly attitude agaion.  She does her happy dance greeting with a lick or two instead of nips!  Yay!!! 

This morning when doggie Allie wanted to get on the bed with us, CJ did not growl at her nor even get tense.  Now you can see my happy dance!  I’m glad she is going to be around for a while longer.  Thank you so much for your insight and communication and energy healing. I couldn’t even get up or even write for 15-20 minutes as I was numb and tingly in my arms all the way up to my mouth and my legs were weak.  I just sat and laughed about it for a while.  I’ll keep working on the Green Smoothie with everyone.  Looking forward to more peace, quiet and tranquility around here.

Melanie & CJ, Oklahoma

No one else could have helped us with our little dog. Mimi was able to tell Maribeth that she did not want back surgery because recovery was so long. In Mimi’s second issue, she had her gallbladder removed. Maribeth was able to calm our little girl by checking in on her telepathically when she was in the hospital. Mimi described herself as the Queen because she tries seriously to get her way, and make us take her home before her body was ready. But the help from Maribeth’s communication made her understand she needed to eat and drink before she could go home. I fully believe Mimi learned from Maribeth because I think Mimi actually contacted me today. Maribeth has a rare gift and we will continue to visit her with our furry family member.

Margaret, Bernie & Mimi, Virginia

My young cat, Cracker Jack loved playing with our new kitten, Autumn. But he was really rough, pinning her down and not letting go even when she cried. Maribeth connected with Cracker Jack to find out if Autumn was “prey” or a playmate. Happily, Cracker Jack saw Autumn as a playmate. So Maribeth asked him to be gentler in his play, especially since we were leaving them alone for the weekend. The weekend went well – we came home to happy kitties & I have observed that Cracker Jack is being gentle with Autumn. I would not have felt comfortable leaving her out in the house if Maribeth had not talked to Cracker Jack initially & gotten reassurance of no prey drive.


Maureen, Cracker Jack & Autumn, VA

Maribeth Decker of Sacred Grove is actually now an honorary member of our family. Not only did she keep Princess Leia on this planet while I was traveling two years ago, Maribeth was the remote doula who helped us support Princess Leia when she was ready to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Maribeth’s kindness, compassion, and love were completely evident as we made the difficult decision to release Princess Leia from her failing body. Maribeth talked Leia through the process, explained what Leia was going through to our puppy Fergus, and helped us express to Leia how beloved she was. As a result, a difficult situation felt peaceful, supportive, and loving.

I continue to be incredibly grateful to have Maribeth in our lives. She’s truly a special person whose empathy and sense of humor are unique gifts to this world.

Debby K, Leia, & Fergus

I always felt that I had a connection with my dog, Emma, but I wanted to know for sure – and fine tune my intuitive skills. I wasn’t very confident about my ability to connect telepathically – in any way, shape or form – until I took Maribeth Decker’s UConnect Class. Thanks to Maribeth’s teaching and guidance, I have learned to not only connect with Emma, but also with my two guinea pigs and other UConnect members’ dogs! Maribeth creates a sacred environment for us to share our vulnerabilities, stories, frustrations, and celebrations. I’m so glad that I registered for UConnect. Emma is too (she told me)!

Jill Celeste, Emma, & Ray, Florida

Last winter and spring I often had my sliding doors and windows open and my two cats got to go between the house and the caged pool deck as they pleased. But Florida summers are warm and muggy even early in the day (often before sunrise). Once it got hot, I just couldn’t have the sliding doors open for too long with the air conditioner running. And I didn’t want to shut the door and cut off access to their litter box. My cats were really stressed to not have access to the outdoors anymore. I connected with them, to see how we could negotiate a deal. I told them that I would try to give them at least a few minutes each morning to be outside if they would come in whenever I called them. That was in early July. It’s now mid-September, and we’ve all kept to our agreement. Some mornings they’ve only gotten 10-15 minutes when it was still dark. Other mornings they’ve had closer to an hour before weather and/or my schedule meant the door needed to be closed. There have been maybe 3-4 times I’ve had to go outside to get the attention of one or the other during that time. Most mornings they both get up and come in cheerfully and promptly when I call. They never did this before. I am so happy to have an effective way of resolving situations like this so that we come away with a win-win. Thank you Maribeth for teaching me how to effectively communicate with them!

Judy, Dom and Ringo

Whenever we left for a vacation our cats, Terra and Chi, have always been very stressed. I worried about them while we were gone. Our pet sitter was kind and conscientious, so my take on it was that the cats were experiencing separation anxiety and/or perhaps thought we wouldn’t return. They wouldn’t eat properly, they were frightened, they hid, etc. When we returned from long weekend trips, both had lost weight. The pet sitter always reported that they were hiding from her and didn’t want much, if any, interaction. The pictures she sent always showed them hiding.

This time we were going away for a week so I was really worried. I emailed Maribeth for help and she responded right away. She explained that she would be regularly checking in and communicating with Terra and Chi while we were gone, as well sending emails to me regarding their “chats.” Each time the pet sitter reported in about the cats (with pictures ??) she said they were much more relaxed and interactive and were actually eating well! I could see the difference when I looked at the photos. Chi was out and visiting with her and had his tail in the happy position (over his back). Terra was more relaxed as well. For once, I was actually able to relax and not worry while on vacation. After we returned, the pet sitter said this last pet sitting for Terra and Chi was the best one she had experienced. I couldn’t have been more pleased with Maribeth’s help!

Susanna A., Terra, & Chi, Oregon

I had asked Maribeth why Noodle was not cuddly with me. She sensed that my other dogs (Peanut and Stephanie) were telling Noodle to stay away from me; I was all theirs. I noticed immediately that Peanut and Stephanie were much kinder to Noodle after Maribeth’s session with them. Noodle seems much more relaxed in their presence. I’m now reminding  Stephanie and Peanut that their motto needs to be “love and respect” for all when dealing with Noodle.

And Maribeth’s added healing work into her communications with Noodle has worked fabulously! I got the most amazing news from our vet this week about Noodle’s kidney. His kidneys have been showing signs of disease for over six months. We were concerned about the effect his pain medication might have on them. To our amazement, his blood work and urinalysis came back completely normal this week. The vet has no explanation for it—those were her exact words: no medical explanation for the sudden reversal. Thank you again for your help with my doggies.

Beth S., Noodle, Stephanie, & Peanut, Virginia

In a home with six cats, it’s easy for life to get chaotic or for someone to feel left out. We had a boys versus girls situation going on, as well as some bullying. Plus, I believed Loki didn’t like me, and I desperately wanted to connect with him.

Maribeth connected with our menagerie, meeting each cat intuitively (it was SO cool as she described each cat’s personality to me). Maribeth asked the boys to be kind to Baby Girl, who is the old lady of the bunch, and be more empathetic to her. Loki didn’t realize how much I wanted his affection, so once Maribeth told him, his behavior changed. He sits on my lap and sleeps next to me. I couldn’t be more delighted!

Teresa K, Ozzie, Loki, Izzy Katz, Cosmo, Perky & Baby Girl (6 cats!), Virginia

I have been taking your advice in regards to communicating with my cat Teeg II. I explained that if I let him outside, he has to stay on the porch. My friends and neighbors are surprised to see a cat minding his boundaries. He does not leave the porch no matter where I am around the house.

Secondly, I spoke with him this morning and asked him if he had been my pet before and to send me a picture of who he was before. He sent me a clear picture of my cat that he was named after.

Here’s his story! Last year I had the strangest feeling that there was a kitty looking to find me. I asked for help in finding him because I knew he was out there. I searched the local shelters on the net and saw Teeg II’s photo at a local shelter. He had similar markings and colors as his predecessor  and his name was ROY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been inseparable ever since.
Roy & Teeg II

Maribeth Decker was able to help 2 of my charges understand me better. Wrigley, my 4 year old 25 lb. dog is very smart but has a mind of her own. She fully understands the command “Come”, but chooses to obey only when she feels like. We live in a heavily wooded area and there are times wildlife could potentially harm her (mainly coyotes). Maribeth worked with Wrigley and gave her images of coyotes and explained to her that I am trying to protect her when I call her in and that she has to follow my command for her own safety. Maribeth gave me the word “Coyote” to use to remind Wrigley when it’s time to come in. It has been over 6 months now and whenever Wrigley is dawdling and I hear the coyotes, I say to her, “I’m going in now, I hope the coyotes don’t get you” and she trots right into the house.

I also had a rooster Jack (now deceased) that would periodically bite me. Overall, he was a very good rooster and protected his girls, but the biting had to stop. I explained to Maribeth that he bites me because he sometimes doesn’t want to be picked up or he sees me as a threat when I would pick up one of the girls. Maribeth helped Jack understand that when I pick him or one of the girls up I mean them no harm and I am trying to help them – even if it is uncomfortable some times (administering meds etc). She told Jack to look into my heart and he could tell the “good” people from the “bad” people (not that there were any “bad” people in his life!). She told me to say to him “Look at mama’s heart”. I never had to say it and he never bit me again (that was about 6 months of time before he passed). I particularly wanted to wait and see if he behaved himself in the spring – when he usually became a little more testosterone-driven and a bit more aggressive. He was a very good boy right to the end.

Maribeth does amazing work with animals and their caregivers. Animals react in ways we humans sometimes don’t understand, but Maribeth can help untangle the mystery and everyone gets heard and understood. Life has been much simpler and safer for all of us in our household since I had my session with Maribeth Decker. Thank you Maribeth.

Lil Sklenarik, Wrigley, & Jack, Massachusetts

I discovered Maribeth Decker in the Zebra newspaper of Alexandria, Virginia.  The timing of my discovery felt as a blessing.  My older Welsh corgi Harry had recently been feeling ill having trouble with his food and vomiting.  I had taken him to our usual veterinarian a few times but they seemed at a loss at diagnosing Harry’s problems.  He would get better and then relapse.  Maribeth has the unusual ability to feel animal’s thoughts, communicate to them messages from me, and ask them about their physical ailments.We scheduled a remote (by phone) reading for Harry, which also included my younger Welsh corgi, Grace Kelly. Maribeth first taught me how to meditate so I would be more connected with my own animals.  I found this very relaxing and I now understand the true value of quiet meditation. We next went into the physical scan of Harry’s body.

Maribeth immediately picked up on a twisted foot that Harry had injured on a sprint down our staircase a few days ago.  What she told me next, revealed the true source of pain and discomfort.  Harry had communicated about a very sore area in his mouth, far in the back on one side that is most likely an infected molar.  Harry told Maribeth that “It hurts a lot.”  We realized that Harry would only chew soft foods recently, so this makes sense.  She said that Harry told her he has a low grade headache as well.  Overall, she felt that Harry’s life force is strong and that he is proud to be the strong male dog that he is; he feels very protective of his pack.  He feels well.

Then Maribeth began her conversation with my younger female dog Grace. She came from a very large dog breeder home, with 10 other Corgis. I was concerned that she might miss the huge pack she was born into.  I was delighted to hear that Grace is thrilled to be in our home where she receives large amounts of attention and a “human bond that she never knew would ever be available to her”.  She is “delighted” to be a part of our family.  Maribeth also explain to Grace that we are reducing her caloric intake to help her lose weight for her well being, not as a punishment.

Maribeth then focused some very healing energy onto Harry.  I noticed a distinct increased level of energy in Harry after the session.  I am very grateful for Maribeth’s abilities, her compassion for both animals and their humans, and I feel that I now have a medical plan to pursue to get Harry well.  I have an appointment with a new vet to have his teeth cleaned and examined, and any necessary extractions done.  I was not aware of this issue and the old vet had not discovered it.  I highly recommend Maribeth for any of your animals, to find out where they hurt, to let us know how they feel.  This wonderful ability she has, allows us to have a window into our pets’ minds and bodies so that we can address their needs for a longer, healthier life. My dogs were very open to communicating with Maribeth and shared so many details. All our questions were answered.  Maribeth is very personable and her love of animals shines through her interaction. What a unique and intriguing experience this reading was!  Thank you Maribeth Decker for all you do!

Lillis W., Harry & Grace

Samson, who is about 13, & I worked with Maribeth for a sore that would not heal. The vet offered to do surgery, but I first wanted to see if Samson was willing to go through with the surgery. When Maribeth  connected with Samson, she heard a very determined, “NO WAY JOSE!”

Instead, we focused on healing his sore. First, Maribeth did an intuitive body scan. She felt there was something stuck under his skin surrounded by scar tissue – she heard the word, “encapsulated.” Maribeth used energy healing to help release the object and draw it to the surface. We completed our remote sessions in November. The sore was still active, although not as bad as before. Maribeth continued to send Samson remote Scalar Wave energy healing.

In December, it looked as if we were going to have to take Samson back to the vet. The sore was open and he was licking it, so I thought I’d make an appointment at the end of the year for another shot of the antibiotic. A few days later I checked it again, and the sore was gone.  I could barely tell where it had been. He began to act peppier and more playful. Now the hair has almost grown back and I can’t even feel the wound. He’s playing with his toys like a kitten and has resumed his role as alpha cat. I’d about given up, it had been so long!

Marynance S. & Samson, California

So you know, whatever healing you have been performing for Rudy has been a huge success!! He is eating, taking his medication, going for walks, and sleeping well. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain. I (and my doctors) are blown away by this little dude, and his ability to persevere through his health issues.

He will be 17 in February – I am working through my own issues of anxiety related to anticipating the worst. We are enjoying every day. When I wake up in the morning each day and I see his tail wagging so fast that it is a blur, I know we might just have one more day. I love him so much.

(Note from Maribeth: Remember, this is one client’s story, it’s not a scientific study; there are no guarantees. But it still warmed my heart & reminded me that energy healing is REAL.)

Cathy H. & Rudy, Colorado

A year after having to move my feline family of four into a smaller house due to the breakup of my relationship, Clyde was peeing on my new bed and on other blankets especially when I had to leave town.  Sometimes if I didn’t get up and feed him, he would pee next to me while I was still in the bed.   When the vet confirmed that he did not have health issues, I reached out to Maribeth hoping to find a solution.  I filled out the information form detailing all of the stress of the past year and the way the cats were interacting.  I sent Maribeth recent photos and then she conducted a phone session.  It was fascinating and eventful.

Clyde was very “talkative” through his energy self.  The first thing he did was “fly” up to Maribeth’s consciousness like an erratic, released balloon with his mouth wide open to show her what had happened.  He recently had a fang removed – the ONLY thing I had forgotten to tell her!   Clyde had more emotion than he could handle, had lost part of his family connection and was unhappy about the loss of his tooth.  Maribeth explained that his fang had been broken and was removed so it did not become painful and that it was not likely to happen again.  Then, she talked to him about the peeing outside the litter box.  He initially acted like a kid (he is 4) and said he didn’t know what she was talking about; however, he owned up pretty quickly.  He was literally pissed off about all of the changes and wondered if my ex-partner was coming back.  Maribeth told him that I had to move out of that negative environment but he could keep his love connection to her.  Maribeth cleared his chakras and helped Clyde emotionally reconnect to me and to his new home.  We ended the session with Clyde saying that he wanted to be a part of my family and Maribeth conducting some healing work with me to reduce my stress and raise my energy.

About a week after the session when I was late in feeding the cats, Clyde peed on the bed right in front of me.  I fussed at him and told him that this was the behavior we discussed and it had to stop for us to live as a happy family.  That incident seems to have been a test for him because he has not done it since.  I hold up my part of the bargain though, by feeding him on time and reduce temptation by shutting my bedroom door when I’m gone.

I am so grateful for Maribeth’s work with Clyde.  After a year of extreme changes and stress, I could no longer handle his behavior.  She helped bring peace to my home and strengthened the bonds with my feline family.

Susan & Clyde, Virginia

I hired Maribeth to help with undesirable behaviors my rescue cat, Princess Leia exhibited when I traveled. They were bad enough that I would hide my packing from Princess Leia. And when I got back, it was like I was being punished. Learn more about my experience by watching the video at the top of this page. 

Debby & Princess Leia, Maryland

After seeing my dog Grover struggle with unpredictable aggressive behavior – lunging at trucks in the road, growling/barking at other dogs – I knew that we needed some extra help.  We had adopted Grover 3 years ago. He had bad past experiences that were affecting his behavior.

I came to Maribeth with the goal of reshaping some of his behaviors but left with much more than that.  Grover has greatly improved his interactions with other dogs and other triggers that used to scare him such as loud trucks.  What was much more valuable was the context of the relationship I have with Grover.  He is no longer a pet that I need to control – he is an individual who is capable of communicating emotions and thoughts.  Maribeth provided the tools to facilitate this realization and gave me the confidence to continue to improve my communication and his behavior moving forward.

The time and the investment with Maribeth has been more beneficial than I could have imagined.  I would highly recommend the journey for anyone who wants help understanding their furry friends so that everyone can move forward in a positive way.  Thank you Maribeth!!!!!

Dr. Jake Dodds, DC & Grover, Virginia

A dear friend referred me to Maribeth after the passing of my beloved cat, Britney. I had felt an inconsolable grief and a steady stream of tears over those next couple of weeks. It was a grief unlike any I have ever known.

I gained such deep insights as I reconnected with Britney during my phone call with Maribeth. The session was tremendously healing and comforting. Since our call, a smile comes across my face every time I think of Britney. I feel such peace and joy and gratitude instead of deep sorrow and loss.

I’m truly grateful for the special work that comes through Maribeth. What a blessing to have been referred to her by my dear friend.

Nancy W. & Britney, North Carolina

My dog Sakari had severe separation anxiety. When my trainer suggested an animal communicator, I was skeptical. We had been training for 6 months and still could only leave her alone for less than 20 minutes before she started destroying the house and injuring herself. It was a life or death situation.

What did I have to lose in working with Maribeth? We focused on both Sakari and Rudy, my 16-year-old rat terrier. Rudy had been diagnosed with cancer 6 months earlier, and was given 6 months to live.

Imagine how I felt when Maribeth said Rudy had a very strong life energy; he wasn’t ready to go. Part of me was happy and part of me thought she was crazy. Fast forward 5 more months – Rudy is still with me, feisty and happy and outliving every doctor’s prediction.

I crated Sakari for her safety. Both a certified behaviorist and my trainer recommended this. Maribeth didn’t think Sakari could handle confinement long-term;  Sakari wanted more space. I gave her access to a room upstairs, where she could look out a window. She loved it.

Maribeth asked if I had any safety issues that might impact Sakari. I brushed it off with a defiant “No, everything is fine!” But one night I experienced anxiety and couldn’t find Sakari. I found her with her head under the bed. I realized she picked up my anxiety!

I then worked hard to manage my own energy. These anxiety-reducing practices were key to her healing. Plus, Maribeth shared with Sakari that I was never going to leave her and she is safe with me. Within weeks, Sakari improved and within a few months I could leave her home alone while I went to work. Other people told me that separation anxiety was incurable, but we had overcome it!

Can I say what one thing caused us to overcome this terrible time? No, but I firmly believe that Maribeth had something to do with it. I am a believer that Maribeth has a precious gift. Thank you, Maribeth, for sharing your gift and healing my family

Cathy H. & Sakari, Colorado

Thanks so very much for your lovely gift to me this week – the session with my dog Sophie, who had just passed on – the support, the empathy, the visualization, the healing… and love. Sad as I am, I have a new sense of Almost-Peace, and I have you to thank!

Ellen R. & Sophie, New York

I attended a seminar that Maribeth put on in Colorado in March. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve never attended an animal communication event before but I was curious and open minded about it. I was very pleased. Not only is Maribeth one of the nicest and most down to earth people I’ve met but she also explained animal communication in a very relatable way. I would happily attend another seminar by Maribeth and will refer clients to her in the future.

Thank you.

Trainer -RMRDTA Graduate

Courtney Kemper, CPDT- KA, Colorado

As a dog trainer specializing in “difficult dogs,” I often need a little extra insight into what is going on with the dog and his or her family.

I can refer the dog’s family to Maribeth for a deeper soulful connection. Maribeth has helped my clients to deal with a dog’s separation anxiety. She has helped a rescue dog express his feeling that lead to his aggression. She has helped a dog understand his grief over the sudden passing of his human.

As a dog trainer, I have solutions to behavior problems, but I don’t always have the helpful soul solutions for the families.

Maribeth is a joy to work with. She is fun to talk with and she does all of what she does with all her heart!

Grace Dog Training & Behavior

Ana Melara, CPDT-KA, Colorado

We decided to contact Maribeth after we had to put our dog down and needed some peace with all of it – to try and make sense of what happened. Her website just popped up when I was looking for an animal shelter to donate our dog’s food & treats. I believe it was divine intervention and our dog guiding me to Maribeth. So, I checked it out sounded like something that would help me.

What Maribeth did that was helpful, useful was that she was very understanding and compassionate. We meditated and the creative visualization to help us connect with our dog. The techniques were very calming and relaxing.

We like working with Maribeth because she was very down to earth, easy to talk with. She made us feel at ease about all of this.

The outcome is that we are more at peace with why this all happened to us and that there was a reason. She helped us to see that. There was forgiveness between us and our dog. Maribeth gave us that closure we needed. She also helped us to know how our cat was feeling and going forward how our cat feels about getting another dog. We will never forget her. Thank you.

A., Virginia

Working with Maribeth helped me to feel more connected to my dog Luke before his passing. It was so emotionally challenging watching him decline and not knowing how he was feeling or what he needed. I felt more prepared when it came time for him to leave us. Maribeth is so loving and caring. She cares so deeply for animals and it was a great comfort to have her help us during this time. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to feel more connected to their pet.

Cortney Chaite & Luke, Maryland

Highly recommend Maribeth Decker for her animal communication skills.  She has helped my dog B with some of his anxiety and his aggressive tendencies.  It was clearly noticeable after she had communicated with him.  He was calmer and when we did have some flare ups I would use the verbiage and techniques  that Maribeth used and shared with us  and it was also helpful.

Maribeth is a very calming person to be around and some how that calmness can transfer to those of us lucky enough to work with her  and our animals.  I have also taken one of her classes and found it very interesting and helpful for meditations.

Thank you Maribeth!

Colleen & B, Virginia

Maribeth helped me reach out to Cynder.  She is a 12-year-old rescue with some aggression issues toward other dogs and some people.  We were so worried that these issues would escalate and that she would bite someone.  We worked with a trainer in the past and these issues were still manifesting.  In working with Maribeth, the human aggression and fence aggression have both improved immensely.  She is a happy, healthy dog that has adjusted to our home and needs.  She is less aggressive at the fence and much less reactive to people.  We are very pleased with Cynder’s progress and all of the help that Maribeth provided.  Cynder has bonded with me even more.  I really appreciate Maribeth’s help, and am so grateful we were able to communicate with Cynder and keep her happy and safe.

Renee & Cynder Arlington, VA

“As a work from home mompreneur, most days I work with my dog Posey at my feet.  Posey is a lab mix with a lot of energy and prefers to be close to us at all times. So when I went away for a business conference this summer, her world was rocked. Even though my husband came home every few hours to check on her, let her out and play with her, we knew she was out of sorts.

On day two of my conference I received a text from my husband (who rarely if ever texts me during the work day). Knowing he would never interrupt me unless it was really important, I looked at his message and discovered that Posey had run away. Turns out, she’d already been missing for two hours when he decided to text me.

Frantic and visibly upset, the woman sitting next to me offered to go get help. She said there was an Animal Communicator in the room who just might be able to help. Not sure I even believed in animal communication but wanting to get Posey home safe and sound, I was willing to try anything.

Before I knew it Maribeth was sitting with me. A soft-spoken and lovely woman who immediately made me feel at ease. I began telling her what happened. Talking about Posey. Telling her the details of what I knew my husband told me about her being gone, all the while still talking via text to my husband who was searching for her without any luck.

As we were talking, Maribeth began to tell me she was communicating with Posey. She was telling her what we were saying and how much we wanted her to come home. We continued that way for a few minutes and then suddenly my husband texted me, he found her. He had her in his arms and was bringing her home.

Until working with Maribeth I had no idea this work even existed. Now I’m amazed at how powerful it is. A year ago our dog Tilly died unexpectedly and I only wish I’d known Maribeth so I would have been able to communicate with her before she’d passed.

Maribeth has a gift. If you ever have the pleasure of working with her, you’ll say it was one of the best experiences of your life. Thank you Maribeth. I’m a true believer!”

Jeannie Spiro, RI

I met Maribeth the day we had to put our puppy down because her cancer had overtaken her. Three months later I still miss our puppy and am reminded of her sweetness.

I was introduced to Maribeth, where I was attending a conference, when I fell apart at the thought of losing our little girl. Without hesitation, Maribeth came right up to me, was there for me in my pain and sadness, and held my hand until I could compose myself. It was a day I will never forget.

Thank you Maribeth for being there for me.

Kathleen, Rhode Island

The first visit to the surgeon’s office, I could hardly drag Sadie into the building. She was really nervous and was very anxious when the doctor was examining her. Sadie was about to have knee surgery and I wanted her to know this was going to take time to recover but that this would allow her to run and play with her friends, something she truly enjoys. 8 weeks is a long time to not run, and 2 weeks of doing nothing when she was used to running twice a day was going to be a huge challenge. I asked Maribeth to help me communicate with Sadie about what she was going to experience.

When I took Sadie to the vet the day of her surgery, it was clear our session with Maribeth had helped both of us. Sadie did not hesitate to go into the building at all this time. She did not hesitate to go with the staff, when it was time for us to part.

The next 8 weeks went as best as could be expected. Sadie did exactly what she needed to do in her physical therapy and has made a full recovery. Her surgeon, physical therapist, Sadie, and I are verypleased with how everything worked out. We are back at the dog park playing with friends, running, jumping and living life joyfully.

Deb S. & Sadie, Jericho, Vermont

A friend introduced me to Maribeth after Sophie my dear friend, companion, and teacher passed. Anyone who met Sophie knew she was special and I was so lucky to have her in my life. I did not tell Maribeth anything about her, just sent a photo before our phone call. We were late in connecting – not unusual for me, but Sophie is the best when it comes to keeping time. I would tell her how long I would be gone and if I was late, she would start pacing at the time I told her I would return (that is what my friends told me who she stayed with). So it was clear to me that we were connecting when Maribeth said Sophie was pointing out that we were late in staring our call. I had to laugh as this was totally Sophie. Some of the things Maribeth said I had not thought about until she mentioned them and it really helped me see things I had not seen before. How lucky to feel such a connection as I do with Sophie. I am grateful for the call and experience we shared.

Sophie, New Hampshire

From Mary, Callie’s Guardian: My 20 year old Quarter Horse Mare, named Callie was a starvation/rescue case. Ever since I’ve had her, she has had episodes which look like seizures but it has been about 3-4 a year. Recently, she started having the seizures more regularly. Sometimes, they’d last as long as 3 minutes. She had two in one week. Shortly after that, we had Maribeth come out to do healing work on Callie. Maribeth had never worked on a horse but she soon had Callie so relaxed Maribeth was worried she might fall over! When she did her healing work on Callie, I felt it as well. Maribeth said that was because Callie and I are connected. Since her healing work, Callie has only had one seizure. She’s since been diagnosed with epilepsy which is extremely rare in horses. I think that Maribeth’s work has made a difference in her seizures because they aren’t happening with the frequency that they were before she did her healing work and she’s only had one seizure since.

Callie, Clifton, Virginia

I have used Maribeth’s animal communication services to contact my recently departed Sheltie. I know other friends who had used her and they raved about her abilities, but I have to admit that I remained skeptical of whether this was even possible. I am glad I was proven wrong. Maribeth was able to communicate with her and with my Sheltie who is still with us. Even though she had never met my dog, her communication reflected my dog’s personality exactly. She provided great insight and the love we had for our dog and she for us. Maribeth has my strongest recommendation whether you are seeking her out for animal communication or therapeutic massage. I know you won’t be disappointed.

Michael M.

Maribeth is the real deal. Our dog has periodic episodes of seizures that, once started, can ramp up in frequency and severity, and can last for months before calming down into intermission. He had an unusually intense period with a couple of episodes that we weren’t sure he was going to come out of without lasting damage, or at all. We knew there had to be something more driving the seizures. Maribeth was able to facilitate breaking the cycle. Both the immediate intense episodes, and the overall pattern. After a few echoes, he’s been seizure free for 8 months. Thanks Maribeth!

Dr. Kim Muzinski

Maribeth, I want to thank you for your efforts with our dog Brennan. She was adopted from Pet Rescue, and had some rather significant anxiety issue relating to men. That anxiety has been straining my relationship with her for months. After your connection with her, I noticed a significant change in her behavior and confidence around me. I want to thank you for your time and efforts with her. I hope many other pet owners have an opportunity to work with you. Thanks so much, Richard.

Richard L. Stone, CLU, LUTCF, CBC, AIF

Brennan, Virginia

Dear Maribeth,I just wanted to thank you so much for your services. Before meeting you, I was having trouble sleeping, and waking up feeling very achy and worn out. Since I’ve seen you, I have been sleeping great, waking up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day. The healing energy session that we did has done wonders for my mind and body. I feel as though a huge weight of stress and anxiety has been lifted. Best regards, Melissa

Melissa Pleasant, Seattle, Washington

I had to seek out Maribeth for some healing a few weeks ago. When she told me she was practicing healing on animals and individuals, I was a bit skeptical, but to hear her talk about it seems the most natural thing in the world. Recently, I had a very sharp pain in my back that would come and go through the day and by the second day I was beginning to think I should call a doctor. But I remembered Maribeth, and called her for help, asking her to send some healing thoughts my way and the location on my back. The next morning – no pain! I was so grateful for the relief. Thanks MB!

Deborah Kanarek, Buffalo, New York

Yes, I want to communcate with my animal!


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