Read how Maribeth supported Jennifer and her cat Maia, at the end of Maia’s life. It’s such a difficult experience for us. And why I wrote the bestseller, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions.

This is Jennifer’s story in her own words. (Edited and revised for clarity and brevity.)

Maia’s health challenges at the end

“I reached out to Maribeth for a full session, to discuss my cat’s health and well-being. She described my cat’s health challenges (later confirmed by a battery of tests by my veterinarian.) Maribeth explained what my cat needed in terms of diet and supplements.“

Shifting my own energy

“Maribeth also helped me to shift my own energy, so I would not envelop my little one in my worry and anxiety. She told me that my cat loved me (the thing I most wanted to know!) and how happy she was with our life together.”

Maia becomes seriously ill

“When my cat became seriously ill and I feared she was getting ready to transition, I reached out to Maribeth for a quick 15-minute call to confirm that she was indeed leaving.

“Maribeth was so gentle with me, and yet also fully practical in the moment. She asked me what my ideal scenario would be and communicated that to my cat.

“She asked Maia to give me a “look” if she needed help to transition, a look I would understand immediately. My cat did just that, giving me a long, direct look.”

How Maribeth supported us

“Maribeth helped me to have absolute certainty that a) health-wise there was nothing more to be done for my cat, b) that my girl would tell me when she was ready to leave, and c) she wanted help to transition. I felt held, guided, and nurtured by Maribeth’s energy, and she provided me hugely valuable insight into my cat’s wants and needs.

“When Maia passed, Maribeth was so kind, tender, generous, and caring. She is a kind, compassionate, and insightful animal communicator, a truly lovely human being.

“I cannot put into words what peace and comfort Maribeth, and her communication with my cat before and after passing, has given to me.”

  • Jennifer & Maia, Virginia

(For more support, check out PETA’s fact sheet, The Loss of a Companion Animal.)

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