When animal communicators help humans with their animal’s transition, we focus on the humans as much as their animal. That’s because this transition is so difficult for us.

In this interview, Shannon Cutts and I discuss how I help humans during their animal’s transition. Plus, we share strategies to help you make it through this huge loss from my Amazon bestseller, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions.

Watch our interview here.

Let's Talk to Animals with animal communicators Shannon Cutts and Maribeth Decker Part 2

Here’s the short version of our discussion.

Sharing our grief helps us through our animal’s transitions

It’s now acceptable to share our deep grief about the loss of our pet. Fewer people tell us “It’s only a […], what’s the big deal? Get another one.”

For me, the grieving process starts when I receive that tough diagnosis. Or notice they’re unable to easily do what they love so much. Most of us fear talking about this future loss. Some of us think it might hasten their ending. Or we’ll become so overcome by grief, we can’t function. So we push it down.

What can we do to help us through the transition?

Feel the grief, but don’t focus just on what we’re experiencing. Notice what they’re experiencing.

Move beyond your emotional reaction to the diagnosis

Factually, the diagnosis means nothing to your animal. They just know how they’re feeling physically or what they can’t do anymore. So ask yourself, “How can I adjust our routine to help them still enjoy life?”

Find your joy as often as possible

Remember the joy of still having them in your life. How good it is to have them with you in body. Let them know that. Find those memories that make you laugh or smile.

Find other animal lovers through the transition

Share your grief with others who love their animals as much as you. Let them know how you’re feeling.

Anchor these truths in your heart

Bodies dying does not mean our animal’s essence, soul, or character dissipate. They’re still alive in a different form.

Love is eternal. We’re connected eternally.

Even though we may have some regrets about what we did or didn’t do, neither Shannon nor I have met an animal who held a grudge towards their person.

Ask them to contact you

If you’d like them to contact you, ask them.

Be open to how they contact you. You might see, hear, dream, feel their presence or just KNOW they’re visiting.

Try to step out of your deep mourning by remembering a memory that makes you smile, laugh. It’s a great energy to allow you to notice if they’re connecting with you.

If they come through, thank them! Let them know you got the message!

Need help with a transition?

Check out PET (Peaceful Endings & Transitions)