Dahlia of Crystal Cognizance shares her wisdom on using crystals for our animals’ wellbeing in my YouTube Channel video. This is a short recap of one part of this super interview with Dahlia. I’ll share more nuggets of Dahlia’s wisdom in future blogs.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: If you’re going to use crystals for your animals’ healing, be sure to read about how to use them safely. Some are toxic. Never give your animal direct access to the crystal as it may not be safe to digest.

Be sure to listen to the interview to get all the juicy goodness. Dahlia shares how she used crystals to help her dog recover from bleach poisoning.

Dahlia Crystal Cognizance Interview

Crystals bring a perfect structure and vibration to healing

Think of living animals as mushy, gushy, malleable, easily changed beings. Crystals, however, are not that way. They are fixed and hard to influence. It takes a great deal of pressure and atmospheric changes, heat, things like that to really alter a crystalline structure.

But living animals have a crystalline structure within us as well. So, what crystals bring to the table is a literal grounding element to our healing needs.

How do they work?

When we hold a still and solid object, a little bit of us comes back to yourself – which is grounding.

Then we work with the vibration of the stone. That begins to influence us and alter us in other ways.

If you understand the purpose of this crystal, your subconscious mind says, “Oh right. This helps me with that.” So now your subconscious mind is bringing you back further.

And if you were given that particular crystal with the intention of love from another person, that love brings you back to yourself a little bit more. [From Maribeth: This feels so true when we pick crystals for our animals!]

This subtle and incremental changes occur over a 15 – 20 minute period with people. With animals, it’s much faster, which is what makes them amazing.

Use crystals to work on yourself and your animals

It is important to treat both because emotions between us and our animals are entangled. Our animal partners are empaths. Empaths are capable of is absorbing energy and then changing it, healing it, resolving it, and then sending it back out.

That’s what’s supposed to happen, but empathic animals may stop at the absorption process – they pick up and hold what we’re feeling. And then we have problems. This is why in households that are in extreme turmoil, the animals deteriorate very quickly.

Animals with chronic conditions

What’s going on with the people in the house? Is your house on a lay line or near power lines or something environmental? Remember, animals are more sensitive to the environment than we are at first glance.

Animals have their own issues too

But animals are also dealing with their own karma. Karma is just energy that needs to be finished. They are working through their own soul’s lessons.  And is there anything I can do to support that?


It’s fear of what’s to come. It is takes us out of the present moment. But anxiety is also not knowing what’s going on around you. Crystals can help facilitate that heart connection of “Ah, I can feel that all is well with my family.”

You need to ask yourself, “Where is this anxiety coming from?” Because it is not the same for everybody. Anxiety is the symptom.

Anxiety takes many forms, such as:

  • Am I being taken away from somebody I love?
  • You changed the routine in the house. What’s going on?
  • My person is uncomfortable and there’s nothing I can do to alleviate that.

For separation anxiety, reach for Mangano Calcite, or maybe Rose Quartz, Amethyst, or Fluorite.

Mangano Calcite helps you understand the issue

mangano calcite crystals

Mangano Calcite is a beautiful and very soothing stone. It helps dissolve conflict. It taps into unconditional love in a way that is deeper than Rose Quartz. And it facilitates connection and understanding.

If you have challenges with your pet and you want to gain an understanding of what’s going on, hold Mangano Calcite in your hand and bring it close to your animal.  Just hold it near them and say, “I’m here for you.” You may gain an understanding of what your animal’s going through, without projecting your issues on them.


Amethyst’s perfect crystalline structure carries the vibration of iron. Iron is grounding. It’s purifying and will bring you and your animal right back into your center.

Black and red stones for grounding

Black and red grounding stones like Red Jasper, Obsidian, Jet, Tourmaline and Hematite will also help with anxiety.

Use love, and you will have an ability to have a beautiful impact on your pets, especially when it comes to separation anxiety.

Blue stones for communicating

Aquamarine or Amazonite, Petilite are beautiful communication stones.

Others, like Pink Tourmaline are also good for communication. It takes us back to that heart healing place. Telepathy is heart-based. It’s not a third-eye thing. Our animals are so receptive to communication through the heart.

Using crystals safely

Dahlia noted that Malachite & Hematite were dangerous for animals but there are others. This table lists toxicity for people so be careful not to allow your animals munch on or swallow dangerous crystals.

Holding crystals on our animals

One way to give our animals crystal healing is to place the stones on them. Of course, you should stay with them. Monitor them at all times.

Don’t let them wear crystals

You probably don’t want your animals to wear crystals. If they fall off, your animals might eat or gnaw on them. That’s because they love the crystal’s energy. And other animals might be exposed through play.

Try crystal elixirs

A crystal elixir is water that has absorbed the energy of the crystal. Then it’s imbibed by your animal or sprayed on them so they receive the energetic properties of the crystal.

If the crystal is safe, set the stone directly in the water so the water receives the energy from the stones. If you’re not sure the crystal is safe, put the crystal in a glass in the water – not directly in the water.

Glass is a great medium to hold the water and the crystal. It’s permeable in terms of energy but not necessarily permeable in terms of the stones.

Let it charge for 6 – 12 hours. (From Maribeth: Sunlight will also help it charge the water.)

Then take the crystals out. Let your animal ingest that water separately. You can also spray them with the crystal elixir.

The Crystal Bible

Check out The Crystal Bible for more information.  In the index, you’ll find ways to use the crystals in different ways. This includes crystal elixirs.

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Dahlia, owner of Crystal Cognizance in Woodbridge, Virginia, is multi-certified subtle energy healing facilitator. She has a background in psychology and crisis counseling.

Dahlia incorporates shamanic practices, sound healing, reiki, crystal healing, and divine guidance into this background as she supports personal growth and self healing.

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