My first thought of healing is getting well after an illness or reducing a negative condition in our bodies. When our animals heal or when we heal, a negative condition in the body releases or reduces. But it can be more than that. We can heal our own and our animals’ emotional issues.

Healing moves us & our animals towards wholeness

Now that I use energy healing techniques, I see healing as the movement towards wholeness.

We reclaim the knowledge that we are valuable and contribute to others’ lives. We find comfort in that knowledge.

Our animal can be their best selves

I intend for our animals to heal by becoming their best selves. And I invite you to imagine this possibility, too. Together, we hold the intention that your animals’ best selves show up more often.

A few thoughts about healing

Got physical issues? Got emotional issues? Can you learn about yourself from them? Why did these particular challenges show up in your life?

When you clear these issues, your animals benefit! That’s because they’re immersed in your emotional and mental energies!

Maybe your animals have difficult behaviors that come from their own emotional make-up or life experiences. Wouldn’t it be cool to release those emotions and see if the difficult behaviors lessen?

Set yourself on the path to healing

Spend less time feeling like a victim and declare that you will learn from each challenge life hands you.

Allow your animals to release their “stuff”

Hold the intention that your animals don’t want to continue with dysfunctional behaviors.

If your animals started out with a tough story, let go of it. Don’t let it define who they are and can be. See the beautiful soul underneath the scars and the fears.

If you don’t see their beautiful soul, who will?

Fire truck brings me a chance for healing

Fire truck healling

I’d like to share a story of my own healing.

In the middle of the night after day one of my Reiki training, I was awakened by the sounds of a fire truck and ambulance parked in front of our townhouse. They were called for one of our neighbors.

Memories of death burst on the scene

The last time there was a fire truck and ambulance in front of our townhouse was ten years earlier. At that time, my first husband, Winston, died of a heart attack in our house. As you can imagine, I was extremely shaken up by this “coincidence” and shared it at the second day of training.

Healing for people who passed

My teacher Laura suggested I do a Reiki session on Winston to help ease the pain.

Wow! I wondered, was this possible even though Winston passed away? But I was ready to help us both heal, so I tried it. Using my imagination, I invited Winston to lie on the couch and did a Reiki session for him.

At the end, I had let go of more of the sadness and replaced it with more peace. Winston also felt more peace. Can’t prove it, but that’s ok with me. Because it also helped my animals!

Is it time to help your animal be their best self?

Maribeth can help!