I once “saw” a doggie in a lotus position using my clairvoyant abilities – in my mind’s eye. Let me explain.

A while ago, my client Andrea asked me to do an animal communication session with her dog, “Buddy.” For the session she wanted to find out why Buddy growled so much. It wasn’t once a while. Not only at people coming into the house made him bark, but he growled at his human family members, Cliff and Andrea, too.

In my session with Buddy and Andrea, we discovered that Buddy was attempting to protect the house. And he was very stressed.

doggie does a lotus position

Dial It Down!


10 = I’m Stressed

Intuitively, I gave Buddy a little dial* to dial his stress down. We would turn it up to 10, and I would intuitively send him what a “Level 10 Anxiety” might feel like. You know, the, “Oh my goodness I MUST protect my people! I’m not safe. We’re not safe. I’ve got to let them know!” Buddy could feel the sensation I was projecting. He got the meaning of Level 10 on the dial.

* Remember, I connect intuitively, telepathically, through shared thoughts, pictures and feelings. It’s not like I handed Buddy anything in the physical world.

1 = Life is Good

Then I shared telepathically, “Now Buddy, if you dial it down to one or two, here’s how you could feel.” I sent the lovely feeling of, “Oh my goodness, I’m just laying around, my tummy’s full. I had a fantastic run. Everything and everyone feels safe and happy. I’m lovin’ life!” He practiced moving the dial up and down, noticing the different stress level he could generate.

After our sessions, if he got all growly, Andrea would remind him, “Okay Buddy, it’s time to dial it down.” And he would!

The lotus position

A bit later, I’m sitting on my bed cross-legged. I used this position to meditate before I went to sleep. Unbelievably, I “see” Buddy jump up on the bed. He does the REAL yoga position across from me. Just to show me up, I guess.

Here I am sitting crossed legged across from a dog, who is doing yoga much better than I am.

For a while after that, Buddy would just pop in and do it for a little bit and then leave. It was oddly enjoyable!

Buddy says “dial it down” while in the Lotus position

One time Buddy came to do yoga with me. This time, however, he pulled out his dial, pointed to it and said,

“Maribeth, you need to dial it down!!”

I stopped and thought, “Oh, so true! I just can’t release my stress, tension and worry.” You know those evenings when you’re still reviewing the whole day — who said what to whom, what you didn’t get done, what you should have gotten done and what are you going to do tomorrow? I couldn’t quiet my mind that night.

So I confirmed, “You’re right.” And I laughed at the wonderful absurdity of this situation. With this laughter, my stress level decreased. Imagine you’re sitting across from the vision of a dog doing yoga, telling you to dial it down and get your meditation on.

Thanks, Buddy, I needed that!

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