Many of us have experienced our animal’s presence after they’ve died. I’m excited to have medium Rob Gutro explain the difference between ghosts and spirits. And I’ve asked him to explain what that means for our animals. I hope you enjoy this informative blog!

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Rob Gutro, medium, author

There are differences and similarities between ghosts and spirits. I’ll explain them as well as tell you how most of our pets cross into the light.

As a medium, paranormal investigator and a scientist, my concept of distinguishing ghosts from spirits is the observation that set me apart from others in the paranormal community. And it inspired me to write my first book “Ghosts and Spirits.”

The difference between ghosts and spirits

To understand the difference, we need to know what happens after our physical bodies die. The energy within our physical form couples with our memories, personality and knowledge. That’s what a soul is, and every living thing has a soul.

People or animals then make a choice to stay Earthbound at a fixed location – as what I call a ghost. Or they cross over and join the energies of the universe, (or heaven, Valhalla, etc.) – which I call a spirit.

Entities use energy to manifest

Both entities use energy to manifest and let us know they’re there and give messages. TO understand this, think of either entity as a lightbulb needing a charge to light up. They both use physical and emotional energies. Physical energies include: heat, light, water and electricity.

  • Negative emotional energies such as fear, anxiety, depression and anger strengthen ghosts.
  • Positive emotional energy such as love, faith and hope enable spirits to strengthen.

Despite their personalities, Earth-bound ghosts emit negative energy. This causes the living to experience discord in their actions with other living people. That’s why you shouldn’t live with a ghost.

In contrast, spirits are all positive energy.

Residual versus intelligent haunts

You also need to know the difference between a residual and an intelligent haunt. A residual haunt is basically energy left behind from an emotional incident that happened in the past. It is absorbed into the structure. When live people enter the building, they bring energy that “lights up” the absorbed energy.  Then the living person can experience those ancient emotions. It’s like adding water to a damp sponge and you feel it get wet again.

An intelligent haunt occurs when there’s an actual ghost (Earthbound energy) of a person or animal that lives in a place. It can answer questions or let living people know that they are there.

Why ghosts linger on earth

As for what “causes” a person’s or a pet’s ghost to linger in this realm – it’s actually personal choice!

Some people stay to try and “help” grieving family members . Ironically, they can only do this if they cross over and become a spirit. They may have unfinished business. Or they may be seeking forgiveness for something they did to hurt someone.  If they’re deeply religious, they may fear the other side (because we have an awakening when we die, which is a life review of all good and bad things we’ve done).

Cross over!

There are many more reasons, but at its core, it’s still an individual choice. My advice to everyone – Cross over ASAP!  Lingering as a ghost is like living in an eternal purgatory! They can’t speak to spirits, only a medium, who is needed to cross them over.

It isn’t common for people or pets to stay Earthbound as ghosts. I would say about 95% of people cross over and 99% of pets cross over. Paranormal investigators and mediums are called to help the ghosts cross because for some reason, after they’re a ghost for a short time, they lose the ability to cross over.

Pets get help when crossing over

Many pets cross over immediately because our loved ones, either people or previous pets, are in the light waiting to greet them. I’ve given many readings from pets who “show me” what the person looks like on the other side and sometimes gives me their names.

Has your pet stayed behind?

If for some reason you think your pet may have stayed behind,  ask your loved ones in spirit to come take them into the light. Or call a paranormal group. Remember, pets in the afterlife behave exactly as they did in the physical world.

If you want to learn about many of the ways that pets communicate from spirit, consider my books “Pets and the Afterlife” or “Pets and the Afterlife 2.” You’re always welcome to message me through social media, too.

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