Yes, some dogs’ spirits give advice to their people. I’m not sure all our animals have that particular gift or even the desire to give you advice. Many relish the joy of being in spirit with no physical pain. And they’re incredibly happy to reunite with the people and animals who passed before them.

Still, some animals’ spirits are willing to answer questions from the other side. In my book, Peace in Passing, I share about dogs who explained why they left when they did. And a horse who had advice for her person. Here’s one story.


Sophie the Dog

“Deb was still distraught about losing her dog, Sophie, who was an excellent companion. The session stared a bit late. Funny enough, the first thing I saw was a cartoon dog with the oversized watch pacing back and forth pointing to her watch. Deb laughed and confirmed Sophie expected punctuality in her schedule.

Mother bird in a nest

“Sophie showed me a mother bird pushing the baby bird our of the nest so it could learn to fly, Sophie said it was time for Deb to rely less on Sophie so she could “spread her wings” and fly.

“Sophie’s companionship had provided Deb with an environment that felt safe. But, in my understanding, it was the equivalent of living with your mom when it was time to be out on your own.

Loss as a catalyst

“Losing Sophie was meant to be a catalyst for Deb to evaluate where she was headed. In Sophie’s estimation, Deb should expand into new areas of her life, which turnout out to be exploring new areas of work.

“Deb got it – she knew exactly what Sophie was saying. She told Sophie she would definitely follow her advice. Deb is currently pursuing a new career that has her very excited!”

How do you know it’s real?

Check your intuition. See if you sense the information you receive from your animal’s spirit is “the real thing.” You might think, “Oh, yeah, I see how that fits with what was happening.” Even if you don’t like the answer, it still fits. Truthfully, I didn’t like the answer I received from my dog, Mitsubishi (the story’s in the Peace in Passing book.)

Of course, you still grieve

You don’t think, “Oh! Great! What a good reason to leave me behind! I’m good now.” Unlikely, right? But it does help you find peace in the loss.

Here’s a wonderful article for teens who lost their pets – My Pet Died. How Can I Feel Better?

Try this!

Sit quietly and imagine your animal’s spirit being in the room with you. It’s ok to feel your grief. Cry if you have to and let it pass like a wave. Now ask them why they left when they did. Bring your love for them into your heart and being as you ask. If it’s fuzzy, ask them to be clearer. Say, “I didn’t quite get it, could you try again?” And then sit and be open to what you get.

Do you get a picture, a feeling, a song, words? All of a sudden, do you just know why? Don’t discount it. It’s real.

Read “Peace in Passing” to Learn More!

Has you departed animal contacted you? I’d love to hear about it!