I have mixed memories of my animals’ last day on earth. Some memories are touching, some are more difficult. All those memories leave me with a sense of loss. But I also feel gratitude for the time those wonderful animals spent with me.

A graduate of my Uconnect animal communication class, Nancy Senger, and I worked together to help April get ready for her last day. This picture is of April (brindle greyhound), Nancy and Lucy (black greyhound), Nancy’s other dog.

After April’s passing, Nancy sent me a lovely email sharing her experiences leading to April’s last day on earth.

When I asked Nancy if I could share her email, she responded,

“Of course! My feelings are so deep for April – just as so many of us feel for our pets. Maybe it can help others deal with their wonderful pet’s passing.

“It can also help them to realize that it doesn’t mean they are gone – they will remain forever in our hearts. They can always bring a smile to your face as you relive and remember their precious moments!”

Nancy’s story of April’s last day (slightly edited)

“On Wednesday, April’s eyes were bright and shiny. I thought I would have her a bit longer. Not so…..

 “On Thursday, April let me know she could no longer stand the pain. Truly, her eyes were truly a window to her soul!  

Rainy weather until Saturday

 “The weather was rainy and supposed to be bad until Saturday. Knowing April, I could not let her go when we were having so many days of rain. So, I made arrangements for the vet to come on Sunday afternoon.

 “This way, April could spend Saturday outside in the sunshine, which was her favorite thing to do.

 “She could spend her last day up on the hill (we have 20 acres), exploring our property like she always did. And of course, she would eat lots of chop meat and cookies.

 We had to move up the last day

 “But I soon knew this could not wait. I would have to call the veterinarian early Friday morning. Sadly, April would miss out on her beautiful day!

 God intervened

 But God intervened. Instead of rain, on Friday morning the sun was out. It was beautiful! I knew this was His way of letting me know I had to let her go right away.

 “Acting on that “knowing,” I called the vet early Friday morning. To my relief, he agreed to come after office hours in the afternoon.

 “This way, April received hugs and kisses all day, soooooooooo much chop meat and cookies. And she walked out in the back of the house where she loved to walk and sniff. She even got to run a bit and pose for pictures by the short Christmas trees!

 April knew it was her last day

April's last day

 “After all this, April came in, laid by the front door in the sunshine, and seemed so calm.

 “She knew, I knew, we all knew…God gave us a bright sunny day for her to enjoy with us before she left this world.

 “To make this passing even more special, I asked Ziggi and Rusty, my friends’ doggies to help April as she was passing over…..It worked!!!!! It meant so much that two brindle greyhounds helped my brindle, April.

 “April laid in the sunshine when she got a shot to make her sleepy and relaxed, then she passed calmly.

Remembering April

 “Her beauty and love were fantastic gifts that will remain with me forever. Her ashes will be put out in back of the house with our other greyhounds – our own little ‘pet cemetery’ – where she and Poe and Bree are resting.

 “As much as it hurts to lose our beloved pets, their gift to us far outweighs the pain. Love, devotion, joy, playfulness, adoration, forgiveness.  I think that is why ‘dog’ is ‘God’ spelled backwards!!!!

“I had to share this story because it helps me release my sadness.”

P.S. from Maribeth

Nancy’s story is an inspiration to me. As I read it, I remember that we can “know” when our animals are ready to go if we open our hearts.

As we tune into our love for them, we can figure out how to make their last day one of misty-eyed, heartfelt memories for ourselves. And truly, I believe that we give them the gift of the same feelings of being truly loved as they transition.

Here’s a great resource – Coping with Losing a Pet. There’s a section for seniors who have lost their animals and another for helping children cope!

Let me help with your beloved animal’s transition.

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