Ever wonder if your animal wants you to learn animal communication? I’ve taken a poll of animal companions and 98% responded “Heck, yeah!” The others were grumpy, so I let them be. (Just kidding…)

But honestly, do they sometimes stare at you?  Or meow at you? Imagine them saying, “I’m sending my thoughts and desires as LOUD as I can, beloved human! Why aren’t you getting me?!!”

They’re already connected intuitively with you

It’s more obvious with some personalities than others. But they’re all sending and picking up information beyond voice and body language. There’s a great book that studied this phenomena – Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home by Rupert Sheldrake, PhD. You just need to “complete the circuit.”

Do you think they’d love to be understood more often?

Just like us humans, the answer is, “Yes!” They’d like you to understand more about “why they do that thing they do” from their perspective. Sometimes just being heard and understood is healing. Just like with people.

If you learn animal communication, what’s in it for you?

Learning animal communication allows you to connect at a deeper level with them while they’re here on earth and even after they pass.

And if that’s not enough, it’s practical.

When you understand their behavior from their perspective, you might be more patient and compassionate. From there, you could communicate how their behavior affects you. Many times, if they can, they will change their behavior.

Here are a few more practical options

  • Share information about changes in the family – someone going to college or new souls coming into the family (human or otherwise).
  • Clarify who’s taking care of them while you’re on vacation and when you’re returning home.
  • Tell them why certain behaviors make you so happy
  • Explain how you’d love them to greet people who come to the house

For more fun examples, read, Top 5 things you can do after you learn animal communication.

Learn to communicate with animals – Join my UConnect Class!

Check out my drawing of animals and their people joining my UConnect class at the top of this blog. We’re on Zoom. I’m obviously not an artist, but it makes me smile. Of course, the animals don’t have to hang out on Zoom. I just wanted to feel the goodness of everyone’s energy!

Yes, you’ll learn animal communication, but there’s more!

You’ll also learn a couple simple energy healing modalities I’ve developed. These wonderful modalities release the negative energy around emotions like anxiety; tough behaviors; and even physical issues. And that allows for positive change in both you and your animal.

UConnect is a great relationship transformer! I’m living in that reality – join me!

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