If you haven’t discovered my Animal Communication Success Stories, check them out! The best part of these stories is hearing that I’ve made a difference.

Second best is that I generally don’t have to ask for them. A wonderful email pops into my in-basket sometime after our session with positive feedback. With the person’s permission, I share their feedback in Success Stories.

It would be unethical to tell you that I GUARANTEE results. I cannot. That’s because animals, like people, have their own personalities, peculiarities, and preferences.

But I’m 100% committed to bringing everything I have learned and all my experience to my work with animals and their families. Along with my heart-filled desire to allow whatever is best for this animal and this family to manifest.

A Success Story to make you smile!

Honey Success StoryHoney – Anxious and tough behavioral problems

Our dog, Honey has been extremely anxious with some tough behavioral issues.

We used Maribeth’s Postcards From Your Pet to connect with Honey while we went on vacation. Maribeth sent me periodic reports of how she was reassuring Honey all was well and we’d be back. 

When I went to get Honey, it took her a second to recognize me. Then she went NUTS!!! Wagging, whining, jumping on me (she never does that) and giving me kisses. She went back to give the dog she was staying with, Ky, love before leaving. 

No fear in the car

Honey jumped into the car without fear and sat in the front seat just staring at me the whole drive home. She was VERY happy. 

Settling right in

Since being home, she settled right in. She is now walking down the stairs to go for a walk without any hesitation. There’s no more chasing her around to get her down the stairs and leashed up. She’s been very calm and happy. I felt like she didn’t believe I was coming back for her, and now that I did, she feels more secure. 

Before the trip she would really harass me for a walk directly after dinner. Now she’s waiting and patient like she knows the walk will come. 

  • Ali and Honey, Virginia

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