Just wanted you to know that you might get homework if you book a session with me.

Why homework?

I started giving out homework after my animal communication sessions so people could continue the progress we made in our session.

In addition, I want to create more family animal communicators – people who have an intuitive connection to their own animals. The person in the family who intuitively realizes, “Newt is jealous of Molly. Let’s remind him that in this family, there’s enough love for everyone.”

They don’t have to be professional animal communicators, but  they are more in synch with their animal and this help everyone.

Homework addresses habits

Like humans, animals have habits. For example, how they react to new situations,  how they greet people, or how they handle themselves in a group. Even how fast they finish their food. They have favorite playmates and playthings. Even chronic illness or pain could be considered a habitual state of the body.

As we humans know, changing habits doesn’t usually happen overnight. That goes for our animals, too. Homework helps continue creating a new emotional reaction, physical state or behavior.

What homework might I receive?

Since my desire is to manifest happier families with animals, I share techniques and resources that you could use with your pets. In fact, over time, I created a  six-page “resource document” full of helpful videos and websites.

But don’t worry – I won’t send six pages of homework, I promise!

If we practiced a technique together or I mentioned a technique, I’ll send you a blog or video so you can continue to practice on your own. This way, you don’t have to try to memorize the technique during our session. You can just practice and see how your animal likes it.

Usually, I send information on energetic techniques such as my Energetic Green Smoothie and the Bladder Meridian Acupressure Sweep. Or a specific visualization that will support your animal through their behavioral change or illness.

Does homework fix the problem?

Many times, homework helps your animals live and act from a place of  peace and comfort. And it helps you shift to a place of calmness. When your energy shifts, the household energy shifts.

Still, many folks I’ve worked with book additional sessions to go deeper and continue moving in a good direction.

Family Animal Communicators Community

If you want more practice, consider joining my Family Animal Communicators Community (Family Animals). Family Animals was created out of my vision to have an animal communicator in every family that has non-humans living with them! You’ll find a do-it-yourself UConnect animal communication Mini-Course, a warm community, weekly intuition practices and monthly Q&As.

Check out the Family Animal Communicators Community!

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