You don’t have to make this tough decision alone. I’m talking about whether it’s time to help your beloved animal companion depart this life.  I can help.

Helping Rudy’s person make this tough decision

Recently, I helped a woman decide if her 17-year-old dog (let’s call him “Rudy”) wanted to pass on.

She considered this because Rudy had multiple serious physical issues. On top of that, he recently injured one leg.  He needed therapy to be able to walk comfortably.

She wasn’t sure Rudy was willing to continue with the medications and treatments or just wanted to pass on. The fact that Rudy was still eating and engaged made her decision more difficult.

I asked Rudy about his pain level, which was tolerable. I also asked how he was feeling emotionally about staying in his body and doing the treatment.

With his person’s permission, I told Rudy how good he’d feel when he moved into spirit, so he wasn’t scared about what might be next.

Finally, I shared with his person that his pain level was tolerable.  And he was open to staying if he didn’t spend all his time at the veterinarian’s office.

Now Rudy’s person had information about how he was feeling physically and emotionally. She felt better equipped to make this tough decision.

In a follow-up email, I heard that she chose to continue to work with her trusted veterinarian without overwhelming Rudy with visits. Rudy is doing well and still enjoying life.

Don’t make this tough decision alone

Deciding when to let our animal companion go is beyond difficult. Devastating is a better word. That’s because our mutual love is deep; they’re part of our soul family.

We want what’s best for them. We wonder, “Do they want to stay with us a bit longer?”  Or “Have they finally lost the joy of being in a physical body?”

Even with the best medical information, we wonder, “What if I get it wrong??!! What if I end their lives before they wanted? Or hold onto them longer than they wanted?”

I can help using animal communication

Using animal communication, I ask about and share their mental and emotional state. We’ll discuss whether they want to stay in their physical bodies. Or they’re just not loving it anymore.

Medical intuition also helps with this tough decision

In addition to animal communication, I connect to your beloved companion’s body to discover if it hurts, where it hurts and how badly.

I also notice what areas/systems don’t seem to be working well and how that affects them. I call this medical intuition.

In contrast to Rudy’s situation, some animals shared frustration with their bodies, their pain, and their loss of joy. Whatever I receive, I compassionately share with you, even though it hurts both our hearts.

You have the final say

But you have the final say, not me. Whatever you decide, know that you made the decision with love, based on their input. And that’s enough for them.

Is it time to have that conversation so you know you’re making the best decision?

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