A renowned and very brave Animal Communicator recently auditioned for the TV show, America’s Got Talent! Sonya Fitzpatrick had less than a minute to prove herself. She didn’t make it – you should have seen the eye rolls and the smart-alecky comments she endured. As my mentor, Joan Ranquet says, “Doing animal communication is not for the faint of heart!”

Truthfully, I’ve never dreamed of auditioning for America’s Got Talent. It’s not my style. But I admire Sonya’s audacity in the face of disbelief. I commend her for “just doing it” so more people know animal communicators exist.

Is animal communication real?

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

Obviously, I think so. My belief’s based on the experiences of the families I work with.

Cats aren’t using the litter box

People ask for my help when their cats aren’t using the litter box. After I connect with their cat, the cat changes their behavior. As far as we can tell, nothing has changed other than a telepathic communication with the animal.

Peeing and pooping in the wrong places seem trivial if you’re not living with it. But the behavior wears you down. You love your animal and yet, are continually upset with them because of what they’re doing. Nobody I work with wants that mixed-up relationship with their animal. They want to love, cherish, and enjoy their animal’s unique personality!


More dogs fighting

A woman asked me to talk to her dogs about their fighting. They were close to being sent to the shelter because of it. One was a pit bull. Her county bans pit bulls, so that option would not end well for that pup.

Here’s what she shared after our session.

“I was frantically looking for another alternative to solving my issues with my fur kids other than taking them to the pound. I came across Sacred Grove and was honestly more skeptical than confident because people claim to have gifts and don’t. Plus I had lost hours in my job and couldn’t afford to give out free money.

“I spoke to Ms. Maribeth before our session and already my babies had tapped into our convo…she made me feel calm and confident so I booked a session. Ms. Maribeth was very professional yet friendly and relatable. I could tell she was passionate about my babies and her craft…not just the money…we spoke to the worst one first and then my other baby…I’m a learning empath but I could feel our connections…and it was strong.

“It’s a week since our session and my babies’ behaviors that we spoke about have been dormant. I’ve seen the positive changes given as an alternative and I’m super happy…I just found out I’m preggers and Ms. Maribeth had been adopted to the family…Me and my furbabies will have update sessions to keep our communication clear and open and soon I’ll be taking classes to learn how to listen to my babies with our bond…”

No guarantees

So, no guarantees, but something real happens in our sessions and many times, good things happen.

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And you may need to look to other animal professionals for assistance, too.

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Is animal communication a gift?

Not in the usual sense, as “I was born with the gift of animal communication.” A few of us were born with this gift as a child.

But most communicators have an awakening that leads us to animal communication. And then we work our butts off learning to do it on-demand with as much accuracy and compassion as we can muster. It’s a skill we practice.

We came into this world with everything we need to connect

Truth is, everyone is born with the ability to connect intuitively. All the parts are included when we’re born. But not everyone’s interested in connecting intuitively with animals. Just like we have the body parts to play tennis, not everyone’s interested in putting in the practice time to get good at it.

How it becomes a gift

Animal communication becomes a gift fas we learn the skill of connecting and communicating. That’s because working with animals and the people that love them wholeheartedly is a profound delight. Plus, having a deeper connection with our own animals is fascinating and wonderful.

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