Why contact a deceased pet? I’ve found that some losses cry out for more closure. For instance, when we release a young animal back to spirit. Or when we lose an animal unexpectedly through an accident or a predator. Losing a beloved animal is always hard, but these instances compound our grief.

Loss is loss

People sometimes judge whether or how deeply we should grieve. For instance, I’ve noticed that we receive more support when we lose a human than when we lose an animal. But loss is loss. In that moment of loss, our grief for a deceased pet can be as deep as when we lose a beloved human.

Loss of a young dog

This family released their three-year-old dog back to spirit for behavioral reasons. It wasn’t a case of an abusive past. And prior to their decision, they looked for another solution. Clearly, they loved this dog with all their heart.

My lesson in humility

Before working with this family, I judged  people who decided to let their animal go in this type of circumstance (I’m being embarrassingly honest here). I thought they weren’t “real” animal lovers.

Through these wonderful people, I learned that good people must sometimes make hard, heartbreaking decisions for everyone’s wellbeing and safety.

To confirm their decision, I connected with their deceased pet. I received the impression that it was glitch in his brain. It wasn’t a conscious decision. Nor did it feel correctable.**

From this, I learned a lesson about not judging people. As I learned to say in the Navy,

I stand corrected!

Talking to their deceased dog

Here’s this family’s explanation of what we did together.

“We decided to contact Maribeth after we had to put our dog down and needed some peace with all of it – to try and make sense of what happened.

“Her website just popped up when I was looking for an animal shelter to donate our dog’s food & treats. I believe it was divine intervention and our dog guiding me to Maribeth. So, I checked it out sounded like something that would help me.”

Understanding and compassionate

“What Maribeth did that was helpful, useful was that she was very understanding and compassionate. We meditated and the creative visualization to help us connect with our deceased dog. The techniques were very calming and relaxing.

“We like working with Maribeth because she was very down to earth, easy to talk with. She made us feel at ease about all of this.”

We’re more at peace

“The outcome is that we are more at peace with why this all happened to us and that there was a reason. She helped us to see that. There was forgiveness between us and our dog. Maribeth gave us that closure we needed. She also helped us to know how our cat was feeling and going forward how our cat feels about getting another dog. We will never forget her. Thank you.”


How pets communicate from the other side

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Animal communication can bring peace of mind.

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** I’m not a veterinarian and don’t diagnose. I reported what I received through my medical intuition skills.