Who are Family Animal Communicators? That’s my term for graduates of my UConnect animal communication class. In the class, people learn to synch up with their family animals intuitively as well as verbally and non-verbally.

What does a Family Animal Communicator look like?

Hard to say. Each person’s ability can manifest differently. That’s because we all come equipped with different flavors of intuition when we start.

Sadly, we judge ourselves as not having intuition because it might not seem as spectacular as other people’s way of receiving. (Just for fun, picture Amy spouting the equivalent of a Russian novel after connecting with her cat! And me, my cat enters my imagination and sleeps contentedly on my lap. Both good  sources of connection! But still, I compare myself to Amy.)

But the truth is we all have a “favorite” way of receiving information. So easy, we don’t think we’re truly connecting telepathically.

That’s because, as Tina Zion says, “Intuition will always seem like imagination.”

Opening our imagination, oops, intuition

As we practice in and between classes, we find we receive information in more ways. Here are some of the ways students have received information intuitively.

  • Pictures
  • Words
  • Memories (theirs or ours)
  • Smells
  • Colors
  • Symbols
  • Physical sensations
  • Emotional sensations
  • Songs (yes, even songs!!)

My vision for Master Family Animal Communicators

I have a vision for Family Animal Communicators!

That we’re so in synch with our animals, we just know what’s happening with them. And we aren’t sure if it’s us or they just popped into our heads unannounced to let us know!

And they know they’re loved. Even when we do the stuff they don’t love (can you say Veterinarian Visits?), they can “shake of off” more quickly because they feel our good intent.

We learn to envision and bring out their best selves. And in doing so, we bring out OUR best selves!

Maybe you’re becoming a Family Animal Communicator

When you read the list above, did you remember an experience you had? If so, don’t deny it – feel the AHA! Recognize yourself as a Family Animal Communicator, too!

And if you want to go deeper, check out my UConnect Animal Communication class!

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Have you felt that AHA of connecting with your animals? I’d love to hear from you!