Google “cat won’t eat” and you’ll get 116 million hits! That’s a lot of worry and advice when cats won’t eat — whether they’re not eating, eating less than before or eating cat food that’s not ideal for their health.

Helping cats who won’t eat – an animal communicator perspective

People ask me to find out what, exactly their cat WILL eat. They have offered their cats everything. Some cook special meals.

What used to be delicious is now, “Uh, no, I’m done with that food.” People are frustrated. But that’s because they worry about their cat’s health; especially with an older cat.

I decided to connect with their cats from a different perspective. It worked in many cases.

“How are you feeling?”

I perform a medical intuition scan to see if they’re experiencing pain. That’s because animals in pain usually aren’t hungry. I report where I feel discomfort and how severe it is. If they’re on pain medication, we can ask if it’s helping.

With that information, the person can consult with their vet about how to make their cat feel more comfortable. (Remember, I’m not a veterinarian or medical professional. What I do doesn’t replace their skills.)

I also do energy healing to reduce any discomfort. It may not “fix” the problem, but it decreases the discomfort. And relief is always welcome.

“If you want to stay on the planet, you gotta eat!”

This has been a really powerful discussion. I ask the cat’s guardian all the things they love about their cat, and I share this with their cat as clearly as I can, with pictures, feelings and words.

Then I remind the cat that their bodies need them to eat and drink. Otherwise, they won’t be able to stay with their person.

If I feel that some of their discomfort is from lack of food or water, I remind them that food and water will ease that symptom.

I also bathe them (Energetically only!! No water!) in the incredible love and relief their people feel when they eat.

Many times, they get it. They want to stay with their people and so, are willing to eat.

“Hey, digestive system, wake up!”

Digestion starts with salivation from the smell and taste of food. When cats won’t eat, especially older cats, the sense of smell and taste seem to be weaker. So I use my animal communication skills to connect with the body’s digestive system. I can do that because the body has a consciousness all its own.

I say, “Hey, smell and taste senses, wake up! You’re still in the game! Here’s some energy to reawaken your abilities. Remember to smell the yummy, scrumptious food! Dig in and chow down!”

Then I talk to the rest of the digestive system: “Esophagus, remember how great it is to move that food into the stomach! Stomach, what a joy to break down the food and pass it on to the intestines.

“Small intestine, remember how to massage all the good nutrients out of the food and send it on to the large intestine. And get that waste out! And thanks to all the other organs who help, we love you all!”

Moral of the Story:

Animal communication can be one more tool to help your cat eat!

Let’s talk to my cat!

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