Lately, more people have asked me about dreams and animals. More specifically, “I’m dreaming of one of my animals who passed. Are they okay?!!”

Dreaming about animals who passed

Most of the time, animals who passed come to us in dreams because it’s the easiest way to get past our logical, over-thinking mind. They want to assure us that they’re okay and we’re still in their hearts.

Having studied dreams since the mid-nineties, I know dreams are mostly symbolic stories that help us sort our our waking lives. But dreams of our deceased animals, from my experience, isn’t symbolic. They’re visiting us.

Dream before my dog died

The night before my beloved dog Tibor died, I dreamed he was with two of my other dogs, Stella and Mitsubishi. They were already in spirit. The three dogs brought me to a hospital where there were a bunch of dogs running around. A little brown dog joined them. When I awoke, I felt they were doing great, and that a little brown dog might be in my future.

But I was puzzled – a hospital setting?

Three weeks later, we went to a dog adoption hosted by SPCA of Northern Virginia.  As the volunteers talked about how they helped the dogs get ready for adoption, I realized they were a “rehab” for these dogs. My dream’s symbolic use of a hospital with tons of dogs roaming was pretty accurate.

Best of all, we found a little brown dog, Newt, who was “the one!” He looked similar to the dog I saw in my dream. Newt will join us just in time to help me and my son’s family celebrate the holidays!

When they’re a dream symbol

In my experience, if your currently-live animals show up in a dream, they might be symbolic. Here’s a dream I had .

Back when I still had my dogs from Hawaii, Timmie and Missy, I dreamed I was walking them. I noticed how much they loved the exercise. They were exhilarated!

In this dream, my dogs symbolized my physical body. In a lovely, creative way, my body told me it craved outside exercise! As a result, I adjusted my exercise routine.  Even now, walking and jogging outside is part of my weekly exercise. Bonus gift – I realized our bodies have a separate consciousness that can communicate their issues if we listen.

Troubling dreams about our animals

Sometimes we sense that our deceased animals are trying to let us know something. We feel worried. This is unusual – most animals transition into the light, or over the rainbow bridge easily and quickly.

If you have a troubling dream of your animal, ask them more information. Day dream. Pray for them or send them good energy and notice if your worry subsides.

Some of these type of dreams are a request from our animals. They ask us to release our  guilt over what we did or didn’t do right. Our animals want us to release thoughts of what we would have done differently. It removes a burden from them.

For me, asking for forgiveness works. If appropriate, I tell them I’ll do better next time. I usually feel a release and peace as a result.

If you still can’t shake the uneasiness, feel free to book a session. Together, we can go deeper and clear out whatever’s in the way of knowing they’re in a good place.

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