Let’s make the refrain, Walk on By  a theme for us Cat People to sing to our cats! Beautifully sung by Dionne Warwick, this song came to me recently in an animal communication session.

Dionne Warwick • Walk On By

In the session, I connected with two cats who loved pouncing on a third cat. Their person and cat #3 totally wanted them to stop.

“Walk on By” might change behavior

Hearing Dionne Warwick’s song in my mind, I thought, “Maybe we could sing this song’s refrain to ask them to change their behavior.” Which would be to “walk on by.” They don’t have to be best friends. The can just be neutral.

Plus, singing is fun for us humans. We lighten up as we sing to our animals. I’ve been doing it for my dogs for quite a while.

To clarify how we do it through intuitive animal communication, we also visualize them “walking on by” each other. With no sneaky swipes as they pass each other. 😉

They started walking on by

So I did that during the session. And my client loved it and did it on her own as well. As a result, she noticed her cats have done less pouncing on cat #3! The behavior hasn’t completely stopped, but it’s definitely better.

I also have two cats who love to pounce on each other. For quite a while, I’ve checked in on them and asked for new behaviors using animal communication. I’ve been able to show them how happy I’d be if they’d tolerate each other.

And now they sleep on the bed together and occupy each end of the couch when husband Charlie and I  are sitting on it.

But they still get into scraps.  So I’m writing new lyrics to Walk on By to sing to my cats.

If you see her walking down the hall,

And she starts to growl, each time you stroll.

Walk on By. Walk on By!

Make believe

That you don’t see the cat

Who’s grumpy as heck

Don’t start something feisty, instead,

Just let her be —

Walk on By!

If you see the cat you love to stalk

Cringing in fear each time you crouch

Walk on By! Just Walk on By!

Now you know why I’m not a songwriter. But I can still communicate and ask cats to change their behaviors. And many of them listen. Plus, now I have a song to sing to them, which is such fun!

I’d love to help your cats get along better!

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Join the revolution – Sing this song to your cats! And I’d love to hear if you had fun with them…