How did a vision of a water buffalo help my business? I wasn’t sure it could, since I mostly work with people and their animals. Not water buffaloes.

But a few years back, I decided to open the Akashic Records for my business, Sacred Grove. The Akashic Records are the complete knowledge of anything that ever existed, as I understand them. Maybe the Akashic Records could provide insight on the essence of my animal communication and healing through Sacred Grove.

When I opened Sacred Grove’s Akashic Records, I saw a rainforest. There was a very high vibration of power with the presence of many animals, not just ones you’d find in a rainforest. What did it mean?

The Amazon Rainforest – The world’s lungs

water buffalo in the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest was a symbol telling me about Sacred Grove.

To find out what it meant, I read descriptions of the Amazon rainforest. It’s been called the Earth’s lungs because of the amount of oxygen it produces; it is a life giver for us all.

For me, the rainforest symbolized the potential of my business, Sacred Grove. Through Sacred Grove, I have access to a deep reservoir of healing and knowledge when I work with clients.

A water buffalo appears

As I enjoyed the vision, a water buffalo stepped out. What did THAT mean??

Well, we know that humans have given symbolic meanings to animals for a very long time. And many of our ancestors knew species’ characteristics and named their clans and children after them.

They paid attention to animals in their dreams and made decisions based on their interpretation.

The meaning of water buffalo

The water buffalo is symbolically associated with these words: Strength, Service, Dedication, Connection to Earth Mother. They certainly describe my intention when I work with people and their animals.

In many Southeast Asian cultures, buffaloes carry the dead to the afterlife. Probably not a coincidence that I have an ability to assist people during and after their beloved animals transition into the afterlife.

These word gave me courage to continue on my path. And the water buffalo is a pretty big animal, so I also felt that Sacred Grove would endure.

Just for fun, I named “my” water buffalo Esmeralda. She likes the name. I like to think that she has taken up residence in “Sacred Grove.”

Ways to go deeper

Check out the book Animal Speak: Read Ted Andrews’ book, Animal Speak. Also, look for information on animal totems.

Use animals as symbols: In the morning, say or intend, “The next wild animal I see today will give me some insight into my day.” When you see the animal, look up its meaning. See how it plays out in your day.

For businesses: Businesses have separate energetic vibration from their owners. This can be used in a powerful way if we consciously connect to it.

Set an intention to receive an expanded and positive view of your business. Spend time daydreaming or meditating on your business. See what you receive – images, songs (pay attention to the words), phrases, a memory, even a smell or feeling.

Incorporate those “downloads” before you begin work on your business. By doing this, you have made the consciousness of your business your energetic partner.

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