UConnect versus Family Animal Communicators  – Both programs help folks learn to intuitively communicate with their animals.  What’s the difference?

UConnect is Family Animal Communicators’ big sister

UConnect is a live, online training with me over twelve weekly sessions. I provide lessons with lots of “how to” information. And then students practice communicating with their own animals, with my animals and with each other’s animals.

Students listen, ask questions and share how their doing with their connecting practice. Best of all, everyone begins to connect intuitively with their beloved animals.

At the conclusion of this intense, yet fun training, graduates become their family’s Certified Family Animal Communicator.

Family Animal Communicators Community – UConnect “Lite”

My vision is a world where every family with beloved animals has someone able to communicate intuitively with their animals. They could understand behaviors better by directly asking the animal what was going on. And they could explain the human thought process to their animals – what I call the “house rules” of living with humans. This person would be the Family’s Animal Communicator.

But not everyone may be able to take UConnect, so I decided to offer another way to learn to connect with your beloved animals.

A new community is created

The Family Animal Communicators Community offers members a UConnect Mini-Course, which comprises six Modules containing pre-recorded videos along with homework.

The UConnect Mini-Course is based on the bigger UConnect curriculum. But it’s a do-it-yourself course. Which means whatever your time zone or your schedule, you can complete the UConnect Mini-Course when it’s right for you. Just log on to the Family Animal Communicators Community!

There’s also an intuitive healing practice with me most every week. This is live, online and recorded so members who missed it can watch afterwards.

And there’s a monthly Q&A where we talk about all things animal communication. To be clear, this is not me doing an intuitive reading for your animal. Instead, I share my experience and provide suggestions to help you receive and send information to them.

Finally, there are fun posts, the ability to share about your animals and find connection with other like-minded folks who want to connect with their animals.

Family Animals is not on Facebook, but a new platform called Mighty Networks. This means it’s focused only on the purpose of becoming the animal communicator in your own family.

How do UConnect and Family Animals mesh?

UConnect is the deep dive, the commitment to get your communication going through dedicated hours of practice. Although it’s created for connecting with animals in your own family, it can also be a stepping stone to becoming a professional animal communicator.

Family Animals is for those who want to test the waters of animal communication, so to speak. You love the idea of being the animal communicator in your family but aren’t ready to take the plunge of UConnect. Still, your heart is absolutely ready to open your intuition and connect with your beloved animals. Family Animals is a way to do this!

And Family Animals is a wonderful place for UConnect graduates to continue connecting and practicing their skills.

Learn about UConnect

And if it’s not yet time for UConnect – – or you’re a UConnect graduate

Check out Family Animal Communicators!