I know it’s time for a break when one of my animals works hard to get my attention in a playful way. The more I pay attention and respond, the happier my day.

Mac does a fly by

Mac in jungleMac the cat runs like a mad man by my office and then returns, sticking just his head in the room to say, “Well? Are you going play with me??!!”

I can’t resist! First, we find a fun toy – they’re never far! Today it’s a wand with a long , colorful piece of flannel. We dart from room to room as I tease him with the wiggly piece of flannel. Mac captures his flannel prey, but I pull it loose and we start again.  Our play doesn’t last long, but I’m refreshed.

Here’s an online string game that your cat can interact with!


Bunnie plays a beautiful movie star

Bunnie Time for a break

My kitty Bunnie likes to pretend she’s a beautiful movie star, lying on her back as if sunning herself somewhere in Malibu. She meows seductively, saying, “Adore me, my human companion!” And I obey, scratch her ears and tell her she’s gorgeous. Which she graciously accepts. (Note my kitty slippers, gift from my son’s family!)

Singing is not just for the birds

Another time for a break! Bunnie beckons me over to watch the birds with her. She practices her bird-communication (chirping) skills as birds dart to the third-floor window to dine on the delicious seeds I’ve scattered on the ledge. We have a grand time watching who shows up – Cardinals. Wrens, Jays, White-Breasted Nuthatches, Sparrows and Doves.

Watching the squirrels climb the side of the brick house to finish off the sunflower seeds is beyond amazing. Especially when they head down the house from the roof. I’m amazed at their prowess.

Time for a break just before bed

My dog Stella enjoying herself

Let’s not forget our little dog, Stella! As we go up to bed, Stella rushes up the steps to the bedroom. When she reaches the bedroom, she runs around in a tight little circle as if bedtime is the best time of the day!

She and turns over on her back waiting for the finale. This is my husband, Charlie’s moment to put his hand under her back end and bounce her butt up and down. Stella kicks her feet in the air as hard as she can, making small barks of delight.  After that, we can go to bed! (This video was taken outside Fort Hunt Park in Alexandria, Virginia.)

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I’d love to hear what your animals do to get you to play with them!